Release v1.06

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed saves failing when Windows username contains underscores. For real this time!
  • Fixed errors not getting logged if program only runs briefly.
  • Errors are now also displayed in a popup box.
  • Removed executable compression and added exe metadata, to reduce AV false positives.

Status update

I’ve been taking some time off the last week. I didn’t pace myself very well during October so I’m pretty fatigued. My apologies if you’re waiting on help with technical problems. I haven’t forgotten about you, I’m just tired.

Speaking of problems, there’s been a bunch of anti-virus false positives due to PyInstaller as I feared. Most of the major consumer brands have been OK except for BitDefender, which consistently causes problems. I’ve you’re seeing fleshcult.exe disappear, it’s almost certainly anti-virus related.

I’ve been poking around with different PyInstaller options, but the long term fix here is to use the relocatable version of Python so I can distribute the interpreter without doing anything weird to an exe’s contents. Unfortunately that was introduced in Python 3 and Fleshcult is on 2.7, so I won’t be able to address that in the short term.

What’s next for Fleshcult?


  • Bug fixes
  • Mods
  • Mac version

Downloadable Fleshcult is out and aside from some weird crashes I’m still tracking down, the pressures of launch are starting to settle down. I’ve been ducking a lot of questions about whether I’ll be producing more content by saying it depends on sales. Based on how things are going, I can commit to a Mac version and mod support.

Visual Mods

Mod support is gonna come in stages. Letting people change the look of the game and add more graphics is relatively easy. The game would load an extra CSS stylesheet out of the mod folder, and with a few extra hooks from me and the magic of pseudo-elements, you’ll be able to add artwork with a high degree of flexibility. I’ll supply examples for the CSS, so try not to let terms like “pseudo-element” disconcert you.

Modding the HTML isn’t gonna be too bad either. Some enterprising individuals are already doing it, though this will get overwritten every time I update, so you really do need that mods folder in the long run.

Later Work

Allowing new characters and tomes and so forth is gonna take some doing. Ideally these would be loaded from data files, but at the moment it’s all in code. Conceivably I could run Python scripts out of mod folders and let them monkey-patch the game, but that’d be total chaos with multiple mods involved! There’s a fair amount of ground work to be done here and this is the task I have the most uncertainty about. It’ll probably come last.

As for Steam Workshop, I had a notion that it’d just need a game that knows how to load mods out of a mods folder. But no, I’ve gotta delve into the Steamworks API to make that work. Once again, it’ll take some time, but it’s looking pretty feasible.

Release v1.05

This is a bug fix release for Steam and Itch versions. The changes are:

  • Fixed crash at start up when there’s non-ASCII characters in the game’s install path, or the player’s Windows username.
  • Fixed inability to save game when there are underscores or non-ASCII characters in the player’s Windows username.
  • Better error message logging.

Turning off the web version

Edit: Done!

I’m planning to turn off the server for the web version on October 29th. If you’re in the middle of a game there, I recommend finishing up soon!

If you can’t afford to move to the Steam version, never fear; the Itch version is Pay What You Want, and that includes free.

If you’re on Mac, I’ll be looking at doing a port after the release crunch dies down. Mobile users, I’m sad to say, are entirely out of luck. Sorry about that.

Release Date Announced

Fleshcult will be available on Steam and Itch on:

22nd October 2020


Keys for Backers

If you’ve been with me from the beginning and backed the project on OffBeatr or PayPal, feel free to forward your proof of purchase to and I’ll flick you a Steam key.

On the other hand if you’re inclined to buy it again, I would appreciate the extra $2. It all gets me closer to being able to commit to implementing mod support, which would be pretty cool.

Call for testers (Closed)

EDIT: Thanks everybody, I’m now well supplied with testers.

I’ve finished the infestation tome and are looking for a few more people to test it. Specifically people who:

  • Enjoy parasite fetish material
  • Have a Steam account on Windows
  • Can invest enough time to play to the end game

If that sounds like you, ping me an e-mail at and I’ll send you a key.

Fleshcult Steam Progress Update #2

I’m deep in the middle of writing the Infestation Tome. It’s taking a while. Here’s what I’m trying to achieve:

  1. Players who are grossed out by this stuff aren’t penalised if they don’t pick it.
  2. Players who like this stuff aren’t penalised by picking it.
  3. You can do interesting stuff in encounters with it.
  4. Mortals only get infested consensually, and it’s believable that they’d be cool with this.
  5. After they get infested, there’s enough unpredictability and variation that it feels like the creatures have a life of their own.

I think I’ve got a design that’ll work, but there’s a fair bit of writing to go because it’s starting to look a lot like a second seduction track.