Release v0.78

In this build I’ve made a bunch of changes to the way that sex scene messages are collated internally. They’re no longer presented strictly in the order that they occur. For example, a character’s musings go into an end paragraph rather than being interleaved between all kinds of distracting sex acts. I can now apply formatting to messages. I’ve used it to italicise game mechanical messages (as opposed to narrative ones).

This one was a pain in the ass to test. Please let me know if you notice that any kinds of messages have disappeared, or if it’s composing paragraphs in a strange way.

Other changes:

  • Fixed bat wings showing up in the beast transformation menu as simply ‘wings’.

Release v0.77

Here’s another release that’s aimed at putting more writing into the game:

  • Two more characters:
    • The squirter.
    • The housewife and househusband. (Thanks again to SeldomPie for his first draft here)
  • Lots of extra variations on sex scene messages from Porp, including new intros for generic characters, the loosen hole action, teasing and questions.
  • Mortals no longer make a move during an orgasm turn.
  • Procedural references to body parts are now brief nouns rather than full transformation names.


Release v0.76

I spent most of the last week writing and editing. My productivity is atrocious when I’m writing rather than coding, but that’s where Fleshcult needs the most work, so I’m going to have to overcome my aversion to it.

The new stuff:

  • Two new characters:
    • The jaded hedonist.
    • The hair trigger. Tip of the hat to SeldomPie for supplying the first draft of this.
  • Lots of new rising horror, cast illusion and chastity descriptions, courtesy of Porp.
  • Some new questions for mortals to ask. Also reduced the horror increase that questions cause so they’re less likely to screw up your encounter.

Release v0.75

This release introduces locations. Depending on which location you visit on the surface, you can get different missions and different loot drops. The suburbs – the initial location – is structured so that you get a chance of picking up the most fundamental tomes early in the game.

I’ve also made some optimisations on how I’m storing body parts. This should help reduce lag.

Known Bugs:

  • If you’re resuming a character created in a previous release, some of the locations might initially have an empty list of missions. Don’t worry, they’ll fill up on the next turn or when you hit the ‘Reject’ button.

Release v0.74

New stuff:

  • New character: The Nymphomaniac (female) and The Twink (male). Appears at low levels of the game (i.e. “Astute”).
  • Added more description variations for female orgasms and female arousal.
  • Large breasts now enable the Titty Fuck action. This has a 50/50 chance of making your partner hard, irrespective of how much Lust meter there is to go.
  • Fixed a bug where using Tease will still result in a Fear overflow.

Release v0.73

New stuff:

  • New character, the Inept Sorcerer/Sorceress. They retaliate when the player uses Cast Illusion but tend to botch to the spell, resulting in randomised effects.
  • Spell casting mortals now display a mana bar, instead of using a hidden cooldown.
  • Regular Sorcerers now have multiple kinds of spells too.
  • Rewrote some of the regular Sorcerer’s lines to be more playful and less adversarial.
  • Fixed mergers so that they always favour body parts with higher stats.

Release v0.72

This release introduces a few new things:

  • A new character: the sorcerer. Sorcerers are not fans of having illusion magic cast on them and will take defensive measures. They appear at the highest levels of the game.
  • Slightly more variation in encounter messages, courtesy of Porp.
  • Increased length of time that account activation emails are valid from 24 hours to 96.

Release v0.71

This one’s a only little one. I’ve spent most of the week sorting out tax stuff, but here’s what’s new:

  • Added descriptions for merged minions and the merge screen.
  • Added chastity belts to the sex toy shop. If it looks like you’re about to lose an encounter, you can voluntarily end it early by putting the mortal in chastity. This results in a higher level of lust the next visit. The longer you leave them, the greater the effect.
  • More rimjob messages.

Release v0.70

It’s been a long time coming but I’ve finally brought the baron arc to a conclusion!

New stuff:

  • Minion merging is now in the game. It appears after several lair expansions. (The plot event should still happen even if you already have all the lair expansions. You’ll need 15 minions)
  • The baron can now be defeated via the new merging abilities.
  • Tribbing added.
  • Reduced prices of traps and lair extensions.
  • Fixed a bug where a purchased unlock wouldn’t go through if you didn’t have a game in progress.
  • Fixed some typos.

Edit: There have been some Internal Server Error bugs in the new release that I’ve hurriedly patched. These should now work:

  • Clicking Ride after loading an old saved game.
  • Loading a game where a minion was being transformed with spider legs or an amorphous body.
  • Visiting the lab for the first time after getting the tome of merging. (Doh!)

Release v0.68

New stuff:

  • Added monks and nuns to the game. But they don’t do anything special and there are no guardian angels. I’ve postponed that stuff until the game has a few prerequisites that I think will help make angels fun.
  • Added some foreshadowing to the early game so that new players know the Baron is looking for them and invasions come as less of a shock.
  • A smidge more writing from Porpentine.
  • More diagnostics for failing to load a save game. According to the logs has happened a handful of times, and I don’t have a lead on why yet.
  • Balance tweaks to help succubus players. Details in this forum thread.