July project account balance

I’ve been making steady progress throughout June. The remaining funds have dropped slowly (down to $5.8k from $7k a couple of months ago) but that shouldn’t pose a threat to reaching project completion. Big thanks to everybody that’s helped get us this far.

This month I want to find a colourist to finish and clean up the remaining backgrounds. I also want to try organising the Visit Surface screen into locations, so that I can make sure that players are always presented with an opportunity to get certain tomes. I’ll be adding more characters too. Once I get to the v0.80 series, I’ll start to focus on the mobile UI and certain improvements to the desktop UI.

Total pledged $12,062.00
Total collected (Less failed transactions) $11,457.00
Offbeatr Fee (20%) $2,291.40
Net Offbeatr Revenue $9,165.60
Gumroad gross (February) $1,640.00
Gumroad net (February) $1,514.75
Gumroad gross (March) $2,460.00
Gumroad net (March) $2,271.50
Gumroad gross (April) $1,785.00
Gumroad net (April) $1,648.25
Gumroad gross (May) $1,605.00
Gumroad net (May) $1,481.50
Gumroad gross (June) $1,530.00
Gumroad net (June) $1,358.25
Gumroad net (To date) $8,274.25
Paypal revenue $164.65
Total revenue $17,604.50
Income tax owed $2,616.66
Total revenue after tax $14,987.84
Cost of goods (eBooks) $288.00
Paypal fee $14.41
Total COGS $302.41
Salary (Weekly, backdated from crowdfunding end date)
First payment 01/02/13
Paid up till 28/06/13
Num weeks 22
Weekly salary $330.00
Total salary $7,260.00
Hosting expenses
For Feb 2013 $111.35
For Mar 2013 $72.15
For April 2013 $80.73
For May 2013 $106.06
For June 2013 $108.15
Total hosting expenses $478.44
Contractor expenses (to date)
Writing $892.31
Art $202.00
Total contractor expenses $1,094.31
Total expenses $9,135.16
Project balance remaining $5,852.68

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