Shutting down the Patreon

After spending the last 5 months working a contract gig, I’m taking stock of the Patreon to fund Fleshcult 2. It hasn’t exactly set the world on fire. As you might recall, I was only going to start payments after reaching a pledge total of $1500. Thanks to 45 stalwart fans, we managed $313, but it looks like it’ll plateau far short of $1500. Thanks again to everybody for getting me this far.

I’m of the opinion that failure to reach a funding threshold isn’t the worst thing that can happen in crowdfunding. In that case, you learn a bunch of things and walk away unscathed. The real worst case is low-balling the threshold, just barely getting funded, and then trying to meet a bunch of obligations without enough money. So no, I’m not going to reduce the threshold and try again.

What Now?

Get a haircut and get a real jooo-ooob*, I guess. Ridiculously, I still don’t have the infestation tome finished, which I’m sure didn’t help matters. I’ll continue to twiddle with that in my spare time. I also still want to do that client-side version of Fleshcult, but neither of these efforts have a timeline.

I doubt I’m completely finished with adult games, but I don’t know if I’d make another attempt without assembling a team first. At the least, a writer or artist as a business partner. Game programmers like myself often overestimate our ability to make an adult game solo, hand waving away the “content” needed. But nobody ever jacked off to a game mechanic, so it’s the art and writing that’s the bulk of the work.

* If you’re looking for a programmer for your adult game and you’ve got a budget to spend, I’d be interested to hear about it at

I have experience in C#, C++, Python, Java, HTML, CSS and have shipped games using Unity to Steam and to the web, as well as iOS/Android games using a custom engine.

8 thoughts on “Shutting down the Patreon

  1. art926 says:

    Patreon is not a Kickstarter. It’s more like a tips jar. People pay there only when they see a steady progress every month and you needed to advertise your Patreon page on adult site, so people know about it. That’s why you “failed”. But I wouldn’t even call it a fault. It was clear that there were people around believing in your ideas not even seeing any progress for many months.

  2. Event says:

    I really think that if you advertised more, you could have gotten to your goal. The fact that you gave an estimated date of returning to work mid-November and actually returned in February maybe was also a factor.
    And, yeah, Patreon is not Kickstarter. Even on Kickstarter, people are doing all they can to get their projects visible.
    Do you think you will make another go at Fleshcult 2 at some point (without lowering the threshold)?

    >But nobody ever jacked off to a game mechanic, so it’s the art and writing that’s the bulk of the work.
    A lot of people can live with just writing, really.

  3. bo says:

    Hey man love your stuff and would be happy to contribute. My thing is, I feel like I would need to see actual progress on the game contet wise before I donate.

    The guys comment about patreon being a tip jar is spot on. People wanna see regular content first.

  4. rbx4 says:

    Yes, I think there would be massive interest in the game, but only after a product-for-pay model gets going and gets attention. Since the market is currently over-saturated with in progress adult games, people now wait for a project to launch itself and wait for pay. Waiting for pay and then launching is not a viable model in my opinion. I actually browse sites like f95zone to keep up with the “news” in adult games, and I think many others do that too. You kind of have to meet consumers more than halfway in advertising I think. Still, I think you have an excellent product in mind and I would be glad to pay for a new version of Fleshcult. You should of course be true to yourself and do what you wish, however.

  5. BD-Acht says:

    Hello, I saw you may be looking for a writer for this game? I’ve played it and thought it had a lot of promise and I’m interested in possibly writing for it. I tried emailing you at the link you left but for some reason the email wouldn’t go through. If you’re interested I’d love to discuss this with you.

  6. Tom Vyvey says:

    I’m actually not surprised the patreon thing didn’t work out. Like other people said no advertisement at all. I didn’t know you where alive after all this time. You could try again but for the love of god don’t make people try to find you on the darkest corners of the web.

    I would have pledged but only if I see some actual development.

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