Retiring the forum

So finally I found out why Fleshcult’s account confirmation e-mails were getting delayed or eaten by spam filters.

I checked up on the forum after not looking at it for a while and the account table had hundreds and hundreds of inactive accounts that had been made, but not activated via e-mail. All the profiles had spam links in their bios. Seems like somebody sucks at writing spambots and assumed either they’d be listed in a user directory or would be able to post before e-mail confirmation.

This would all be fine if the spammers used their own e-mails, but instead they’re using real people’s e-mails scraped from the web. People who have never heard of Fleshcult and understandably mark a forum account confirmation e-mail as spam. So that’s been tanking my reputation with spam filters.

The forum is basically disused at this point, so I’ll put a static copy up in its place as an archive. At the moment it’s a 404 but I’ll be tackling that shortly. Edit: Done.

Secondly I’m no longer making people register a user account in Fleshcult itself after day 10. Just don’t come crying to me if you’re playing unregistered and Private Browsing eats the cookie that has your game progress in it. 🙂