Release v0.25


  • Split minion transformations into a new ‘Laboratory’ screen.
  • Fixed a few bugs where caches downstream from my server could serve stale pages.
  • Halved the frequency that you can pick up tomes.
  • A handful more transformations relating to horns and tails.

Release v0.20


  • Tomes have been added. Tomes unlock new transformations. Because the player picks which tomes they want, I don’t have to show them absolutely everything in the shapeshifting screen, which should keep things sane as I add more and more variety. This release doesn’t add any new transformations though.


  • If meters are too wide for the screen, display a scrollbar instead of freaking out.
  • Fix crash penetrating very loose orifices.

Release v0.16

I spent the last week adding an antagonist to the game, namely the Baron of Hell. Every turn an event card is drawn from a deck, much like a board game. Some of the cards advance the conflict between the protagonist and antagonist. Whether you succeed or fail in these encounters is a result of who you’ve recruited up till that point.

The plot arc isn’t completely finished yet. Still gotta make sure the game has enough variety to keep players entertained that far into it.

This week’s plan: making equipment items more distinct from shapeshifting effects, spell tomes.

Release v0.15

I’ve finished my big change to the save format. Existing characters can’t be loaded any more, but it’s for a good cause: making sure I can add features without breaking existing characters in the future.

Bug fixes:

  • Tease should never result in horror meter exceeding limit.
  • Don’t show the warning that your apprentices are idle before you have any apprentices.
  • Don’t show options on the minion recruitment menu that aren’t relevant yet.
  • If you click through the age confirmation page, it should now remember that for a year.
  • More flavour text on the shapeshifting menu.