An update on the UI work

This is the menu redesign I’m working on. I don’t have anything to release yet because I want to save it until it’s definitely an improvement on what’s already there.


You can see with Cast Loosen there’s a sub menu for the target. I tried out exposing all the arouse/heavy arouse (options #1 and #2) variations in a sub menu, but picking the variation isn’t an interesting decision so I’m going to keep that randomised.

I’m hiding the descriptions inside a foldable section. I figure those are things you really only need to read once. Maybe I’ll default them to unfolded if you’ve never seen an action before, or if you’re on a big display. I haven’t decided which.

Does anyone have recommendations for JS animation libraries? I need relatively simple tweening through a list of keyframes for a variety of CSS properties. Preferably something that runs OK on underpowered devices. JQuery is disappointingly bloated and sluggish.

Release v0.80

Build notes:
– New character: The Demon Hunter. DWLGaming led the design of this as a pledge reward. Big thanks for his help and generosity.
– Fixed duplication in titty fuck message.
– More variations in male orgasm.
– Editor fixes.

I’ve spent some time hunting for the game load bug unsuccessfully. Like I said earlier, if you get a “There was a problem loading your game” message, please let me know what the circumstances are.

Next up, I’ll be experimenting with hierarchical menus inside the sex scenes, with an aim to finding out whether being able to target your actions adds anything to the game.

Release v0.79

New in this release:

  • The cost of a trap is now determined by how many you already have installed, so you can pick the kind that interests you without being disadvantaged.
  • Extra variations on fisting for very loose orifices.
  • Titty fucking has been redesigned so that it gives a mana bonus if it results in an orgasm.
  • Fixes for missing paragraph breaks in body descriptions.
  • Typo fixes.

Also, if you’re suffering from “There was a problem loading your game” errors, could you let me know the circumstances? (when the game was originally started, what happened immediately before the error)  I’ve been seeing a handful of these crop up in the error logs, but I don’t have enough information to track the bug down.

Release v0.78

In this build I’ve made a bunch of changes to the way that sex scene messages are collated internally. They’re no longer presented strictly in the order that they occur. For example, a character’s musings go into an end paragraph rather than being interleaved between all kinds of distracting sex acts. I can now apply formatting to messages. I’ve used it to italicise game mechanical messages (as opposed to narrative ones).

This one was a pain in the ass to test. Please let me know if you notice that any kinds of messages have disappeared, or if it’s composing paragraphs in a strange way.

Other changes:

  • Fixed bat wings showing up in the beast transformation menu as simply ‘wings’.

August project account balance

Donations keep on rolling in, so thanks again for your generosity. The funds remaining to complete the project have decreased slightly to $5.1k remaining, but it doesn’t pose a threat to reaching v1.0.

I had hoped to have moved on to the v0.80 series by now, which is when I’ll revisit the UI and mobile, but progress has been slow. I haven’t yet lined up a colourist with the chops to complete the art either. At least I’m building up a good stock of mortal characters: 12 in total. I promised 18 in the OffBeatr campaign, so there’s more work to do in that area, of course. (If you ordered a custom character, please e-mail me at I’ve been trying to get in touch with you guys! Hopefully I haven’t been spam filtered)

Lately I’ve been experimenting with making the game compose sex scene paragraphs in a more coherent order. I’ve also been researching how to test on a variety on Android configurations without buying a whole device lab. DeviceAnywhere looks promising, but it’s laggy as shit so other ideas are welcome. (And yes, I’ve ordered actual hardware too so that I don’t miss ergonomic problems)

Details below the fold:

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