Would you like to see a minigame collection?

This month’s Patreon reward brings the number of minigames available through Patreon to five. I’ve been wondering if I should bundle them up and sell them as an anthology outside of Patreon.

Would you be interested in a minigame anthology sold on Itch?

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The minigames currently available are:

  1. Sex Club – Fit out your own sex dungeon with all manner of fun toys. See what kinds of perverts it attracts.
  2. Xeno Zone – A parasite-infested adventure through the xenobiological exclusion zone.
  3. The Untold Holes of Mistress Sable – explore a labyrinth of mysterious glory holes in this short Twine game.
  4. The Trials of Verminus – test your endurance against horny monsters in this interactive JOI game.
  5. Dream Interloper – an abortive attempt at a mechanic where you infiltrate the dreams of mortals and corrupt them with a variety of fetishes.