Fleshcult v1.35: Available on Steam and Itch

What’s New:

  • Underworld Expeditions: Send minions out of the lair to look for high level tomes and artefacts, facing dangers along the way.
  • 2 new side quests:
    • Sabotage the facilities of the Office of the Witchfinder General.
    • Destroy the chastity field enveloping the suburbs.
  • A new tome: The Tome of Burliness.
  • Redesigned the way bottoming works. Your partner will never be too timid to do this now. While you’re getting it, you’ll see a new submenu for relaxing into it or stopping early.
  • A new character, the Raver. This scantily-clad reprobate can be found losing their mind on the dance floor at underground raves in The Pit.
  • Hackers and Ravers now have special character-specific abilities during sex encounters.
  • 2 new pieces of encounter background music.


  • Multiple looms now split effort between tasks evenly instead of prioritising quick tasks first, which was leading to mergers never finishing.
  • Fixed inability to save game with mods that have nested verb classes, if there’s no random event that turn.
  • Made tails much cheaper so they’re in line with comparable transformations.

Get it now! Or later, that’s cool too.

Fleshcult v1.30: Available on Steam and Itch

New Stuff

  • Fleshcult now has audio! Sound effects and 9 tracks of original music. Hear the gasps and groans of your partners!
  • Construct extra flesh looms to transform minions in parallel.
  • New character: The Bruiser.
  • Improved seduction text. 5 times more variations and 12 times the word count.
  • All characters now have character-specific flourishes in their lair description.
  • Your protagonist can now have they/them pronouns.
  • Added more concubine transformations: masculine chests and volume 3 assets.
  • Modders can now add custom voice packs and background music.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved the look of various UI elements.
  • Fixed tooltip being cut off by Lab sidebar.
  • Removed some annoying random events: premonitions of the baron’s fall and concubines leaving.

Get it now. Original soundtrack album coming soon – follow oneirolith.bandcamp.com to get notified!

The Halloween Steam/Itch Release: v1.22

New for Halloween, lots of formerly Patreon-only stuff available now on Steam and Itch.

Content Added:

  • Tome of the Phallic Member, Volume 3: Two new dongs and a strap-on. Introduces double dicks and double penetration.
  • Tome of Breasts, Volume 3: New breast transformations and flavoured lactation.
  • New Character – The Back-Alley Doctor: Ostensibly a veterinarian but due to their underworld connections, they work on different kind of patient. You can find them in The Pit.
  • Enhanced minion descriptions: The different characters now have different opening lines in the lab description. Still a work in progress, but this is complete for about half the characters.

Improvements to Lair UI:

  • Objectives – A quest log that leads you through the main storyline. In future releases, side quests will go here too.
  • New lab screen to give you a better overview of your minions.
  • If you leave a recruit on the surface, you can now bring them underground when you’ve got room.
  • Somewhat fewer beige boxes.

Bug Fixes and Tweaks:

  • Mutations are now a constant chance upon the completion of a transformation, so you’re more likely to see them in the late game.
  • Better feedback in the size queen encounter.
  • Fixed inept sorcerer displaying incorrect status effects.

And what’s this on Patreon?

Patreon supporters get to play v0.23, which introduces audio for the first time. For a start, this is a range of male and female sound effects and 4 original music tracks.

Release v1.16: Introducing The Pit

The v1.16 update adds the first half of The Pit, a dilapidated industrial zone where squatters, outlaws, and revolutionaries hang out.

New Content:

  • 3 new characters to seduce: the Hacker, the Smuggler, and the Biker
  • 8 new scenes that show you the aftermath of the Baron’s fall and kick off new storylines.
  • New electrostim equipment. New sissy options.
  • Rebalanced some transformations. Now you can make a build with multiple chances to tease.
  • Vibes can be removed once inserted.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed developer mode crashing on start unless you had a log directory.
  • Fixed pronoun errors when playing with trans men.
  • Fixed the vanishing exe problem by replacing PyInstaller.

Available on Steam and Itch.

Release v1.08: Steam Workshop support is out!

Fleshcult v1.08 is now available on Steam and Itch. It allows you to create and install mods that can:

  • Add graphics
  • Improve the UI
  • Add sounds

This is the first phase of mod support. I’ll be continuing to work on enabling mods for:

  • Adding characters, transformations, and locations
  • New mechanics and other code alterations

Modding Preview Now Available

In the Steam beta branch and on Itch, you can now download a special v1.07 release of Fleshcult that has the first phase of mod support.

Steam Workshop isn’t supported just yet, so it’s not very interesting if you just want to play mods, but if you’re interested in creating them there’s new stuff to tinker with. So far it supports HTML/CSS mods for changing the way the game is presented. The ability to change the gameplay is something I’ll be working on next year.

To learn more about creating mods, you can consult the new Fleshcult Wiki which has a modicum of technical documentation. Feel free to add stuff I’ve glossed over. You’re also welcome to add info about playing the base game if you like. Happy holidays!

Release v1.06

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed saves failing when Windows username contains underscores. For real this time!
  • Fixed errors not getting logged if program only runs briefly.
  • Errors are now also displayed in a popup box.
  • Removed executable compression and added exe metadata, to reduce AV false positives.

Release v1.05

This is a bug fix release for Steam and Itch versions. The changes are:

  • Fixed crash at start up when there’s non-ASCII characters in the game’s install path, or the player’s Windows username.
  • Fixed inability to save game when there are underscores or non-ASCII characters in the player’s Windows username.
  • Better error message logging.

Release v1.01

The Fleshcult Patreon is finally up after languishing in Patreon’s mod queue for quite a while. And with it, a game update that lets me grant backer rewards such as cheats and ad-free play.

There’s no new content in v1.01 though. That comes in v1.02, where I’ll be adding the long-awaited Infestation Tome. I promised that in the original OffBeatr campaign, so I’m going ahead with that regardless of how this Patreon does.

So, will I start doing a big promotional push? Not yet. After I’ve got some new content to show people I’ll start sending out newsletter updates, but a little at a time, so as to not overload the server. I really can’t wait to have a client-side version. I’ve been making some significant progress on that front, and I’ll post about it soon.

Release v1.00

Current status:

  1. In testing.
  2. An outage of approximately 1 hour.
  3. Finished.

This release won’t change anything about the game itself. I’m making improvements to player privacy because a lot of disturbing news is coming out of the US just now.

  • In Fleshcult, people choose which gender they want to play and which gender they want to fuck.
  • Fleshcult used an email address during sign up. Lots of people used a burner address (sensible!), but not everybody did.
  • I’m not in the USA, but my server is.
  • If Trump gets himself shot, impeached or ousted, Pence controls the US surveillance apparatus.
  • Pence really doesn’t like LGBT people.
  • It’s a really bad idea for me to have a  database that connects people’s email addresses with sexuality info lying around.

Here’s the plan:

  • Turn all the email addresses into hashes, much like I do with passwords. Reversing a hash is pretty difficult, so hopefully that should render the database useless to anybody who gets their hands on it.
  • You can still log into your old accounts. When you enter an email address I hash it and compare that hash against the database one.
  • You can use anything as an account username now, not just an email address. If you’re still worried, feel free to log in and change your username to something that’s not an email address.
  • Before hashing, I made a list of the emails of everyone who has opted to be on the newsletter, burned that list to a DVD, and stuffed it in my closet. It’s just email addresses, no sexuality info. If I ever restart development, I’ll use that to announce it.
  • I removed the Forgot Your Password system because it relies on being able to send mail.
  • You can’t buy account upgrades any more because that relies on mail.

Sorry about the inconvenience, but it’s important to take precautions before they’re required. I know I never finished that infestation tome, but this is all I could eke out time for. If the update broke something, let me know at: jack (at) (the game name) .com