August Patreon Reward, Xeno Zone

​It’s been a while since I’ve done a side project, so August’s Patreon reward is Xeno Zone,​ a text-based dungeon crawler. You’re a stalker exploring the Xenobiological Exclusion Zone, a ruin infested by all manner of parasites. Which ones are deleterious and which ones are beneficial? There’s only one way to find out.

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July Patreon Reward, v1.32

This release adds a repeatable side quest for fighting back against the OWG, and a new music track for encounters. You can get it from Patreon.

I’ve reworked how the Office of the Witchfinder General investigates your activities. I’ve replaced the Verminus alignment in the Factions pane with a GTA-style wanted level for the OWG, and that’s what governs which tactics they use and how often. Doing stuff that affects the surface earns you wanted stars. The new side quest allows you to throw them off the scent.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed a crash when having vaginal sex with FTM characters.

May Patreon Reward, v1.31

Phew, finally! I wound up skipping several months due to some overruns while making big internal changes. As always, billing was paused throughout. No goodies – no charge.

Available now from Patreon!

Introducing the Tome of Burliness:

  • Two new masculine chest transformations.
  • A series of masculine chest upgrades for concubines.
  • A new butt transformation.
  • You can find the tome by recruiting minions in any location.

Other New Things:

  • Player characters can now have they/them pronouns.
  • One new music track for degradation sluts, nymphomaniacs, body-builders and ravers.
  • Concubines can now have the biggest assets from your level 3 tomes.
  • Now every character has an enhanced lair description, including porn stars, bruisers, otaku, and size queens.
  • Improved the look of checkboxes, radiobuttons, scrollbars, text selections and the input focus highlight.
  • Modders can now add custom voice packs.

Bug fixes:

  • Porn stars and size queens no longer show ‘anus’ or ‘vagina’ as concubine transformations.
  • Fixed crash at start up for users of CCleaner.
  • Fixed missing Wolfgang Stein story events.
  • Switching to the Sanctum and Lab screens is now faster.

Skipping February

Hey everybody, fatigue’s been creeping up on me and I don’t think I’ve got enough gas in the tank for a Patreon update this month. I’ll be pausing billing while I have a rest, but I’ll see you again with some goodies in March.

January Patreon Reward, v1.26

What’s New:

  • Rewrote seduction text: When you use the seduce button during an encounter, the results are much more specific and descriptive. 5 times more variations and 12 times the word count. 
  • Removed some irritating random events: the concubine opting to leave and the premonition of the baron’s fall driving a minion insane.
  • Pixies stealing mana is now part of the arc of events that leads into Stein being on your tail. Presenting these out of order didn’t make much sense.
  • New short music loop for the baron’s invasions.

Available now from Patreon

December Patreon Reward, v1.25

Happy holidays everybody! You can get this from Patreon.

What’s New:

  • Tome of Tentacles, volume 2 is now available via underworld expedition.
    • Including the Dilator Tentacle: gradually opens up an orifice while inserted.
    • And Vacuum Tentacles: an array of tentacles that increase the number of droplets per climax.
  • Enhanced lair descriptions for bikers, wizards, degradation sluts, monks, nuns, nymphos, and bodybuilders.
  • Plot events can now trigger music.
  • Two new short music loops for spooky and sinister events.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed meter flashing numbers in dev mode.
  • Compressed more sound effects.
  • Fixed tooltip being cut off by Lab sidebar.
  • Internal refactoring so it’s easier to add new kinds of passive stats.

November Patreon Reward, v1.24

What’s New:

  • Underworld Expeditions: Send minions to look for high level tomes and artefacts, facing dangers on the way.
  • 5 new items that can found on an expedition.
  • 6 new random events that can happen during an expedition.
  • A new encounter music track for punks, goths, hunters, bikers, bruisers, and generic beast types.
  • Reduced Jank: I’ve rewritten the way the game loads new pages to give me much more control. It’ll allow me to put in transition animations like fading to black. I’ve added a couple of transitions so far.

Available now from Patreon.

September Patreon Reward, v1.21

What’s New:

  • Tome of Vaginal Perversion, volume 2: Available from Downtown onward. Introduces Torrential Wetness, Labyrinthine Cunts, and Prehensile Clits.
  • New Character – The Raver: This scantily-clad reprobate can be found losing their mind on the dance floor at underground raves in The Pit.

Bug Fixes:

  • Picking options in the lab tab no longer forgets which character you’re on.
  • If you have a character with a long name in the lab, the cancel button no longer wraps on to the next line.

Available now from Patreon.

August Patreon Reward, v1.20

New Feature – Improved Minion Descriptions:

  • The descriptions of minions now start off with a character-specific line saying what they’re up to and how they’re doing. The line varies depending on whether they’re untransformed, partially transformed, or fully transformed.
  • About half of the characters have this filled in, the rest have a generic placeholder for now. Thanks go to Porpentine for writing these!

New Feature – Surface Recruits:

  • When you leave a recruit on the surface, you can now bring them back when you’ve got room.
  • There’s a new list in the Diary tab for checking up on these recruits.
  • Mortals out of the lair completing tasks no longer count towards the population cap. If there’s not enough room when they try to come back, they’ll chill on the surface instead.

Minor Tweaks:

  • Got rid of the Projects tab. You can now go there directly from a quest objective instead.
  • Renamed Projects to Schemes.
  • Nicer looking minion table and building list UI.
  • Retuned double dicks so it’s easier to get double penetration. Nerfed it a little.

Available now from Patreon

July Patreon Reward, v1.19

What’s New:

  • You now have the ability to send minions out of the lair to accomplish side quest tasks. The UI is a bit rudimentary at the moment, but the general idea is it works like the away missions in Evil Genius.
  • New Side Quest: The Chastity Field Generator. Ever wonder why you can only recruit people from the suburbs at the start of the game? Now you can find out why, and do something about it.
  • New Side Quest: The Robo-beast and the Robo-doll. Isn’t it a shame that beasts without concubines don’t produce anything? What you need is some sort of milking machine…

Available now from Patreon