Release v0.51

Not much to see in this release because I’ve been spending the bulk of it working on the editor, which is nearly usable. I can’t wait to let writers loose in it and see what they come up with.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug where minion transformation would continue even if the minion was kidnapped or killed!
  • Can’t pierce strap-ons any more.
  • Can’t have balls without a cock any more.
  • Can’t replace cock with a strap-on any more. (Now you need to get a pussy first)

Fetish Survey Results

I’ve compiled the Fetish survey results. This was open to people who contributed to the OffBeatr crowdfunding drive in January, at a level of $15 or higher.

Which transformation would you most like to see in the game?



The write-in results had a range of interesting ideas, the most popular of which was muscle growth (3 requests). The suggestions for living clothing, flavoured cum and being able to secrete spiderwebs also caught my eye. For now I’ll only commit to putting Nagas in the game, and leave the rest for any spare time I might have at the end of development.

What kinds of partners would you most like to see in the game?

partner_graphOK, so I’m definitely going to have to put angels in the game! I’ll have a think about what that means in world-building terms, because I never imagined Fleshcult taking place in a monotheistic world (in spite of the fact that succubi and incubi are part of the Christian mythos). I’ll figure something out.

The most popular write-in results were Amputees (3) and Bimbos (3).

Which activity would you most like to see in the game?


Minion breeding would be awesome. In contrast to the others it’d really make more sense as a meta-game activity, though I haven’t figured out what that will entail. Seeing as I don’t want children in the game, I’m imagining minions incubating demonic spawn of some kind.

This also had some pretty cool write ins: unbirth (3) and fucking machines!

Thanks to everybody who took the time to fill this in. It’s really helping me prioritise.

Last call for survey responses

If you’re eligible for the fetish survey ($15 pledges and up during the OffBeatr campaign) or the name survey ($30 pledges and up during the OffBeatr campaign), you need to get your answers in within the next few days.

The initial batch of forms went out to your OffBeatr e-mail address on the 1st of February. There were about a dozen people who I missed out because their payment didn’t go through until later, so I sent another batch on the 14th of February. Lately I’ve been having crappy luck actually getting e-mails delivered, so if you still haven’t received one, let me know at

There won’t be much visible progress with the game this week. I’m working on an editing tool to allow writers to add new messages to the sex encounters, and give them control over when the messages are displayed. I’m hoping that by allowing text to be added to a character in a free-form way, I can get more lively, reactive NPCs than if we did it in a big spreadsheet where every character has the same blanks to fill in.

OffBeatr unlock system deactivated

I’ve taken down the link on the Edit Account page for automatically claiming OffBeatr rewards. Looking at the count of upgraded accounts, I’m pretty sure everybody has their OffBeatr rewards by now.

If there’s anybody left who’s eligible for OffBeatr rewards but hasn’t received them, please let me know at with both your OffBeatr and Fleshcult accounts and I’ll sort it out.

Release v0.50 – New Writer

I’d like to welcome the very talented Porpentine to the project! Her first contributions are the 28 new body part and building descriptions, and we’ll be seeing lots more of her work down the line.

You might know her as the author of Cyberqueen (Trigger Warning: All of them), from her Rock Paper Shotgun column, Live Free, Play Hard, or as one of the contributors to

Other stuff in this release:

  • Renamed the Status page to Diary. Now it always shows what happened to you on that day, rather than reverting back to a stock description if you revisit it.
  • Internal changes to make sure old profiles can see any new concubine transformations I add.
  • Fixed some spurious error messages that were clogging the logs.

Release v0.48

I’ve been making big changes to the metagame. I’ve removed the production cap from concubine/beast pairs and replaced it with a more interesting system.


  • As you progress in the game, you meet characters that are harder to recruit, but more valuable. Previously, harder concubines were more valuable because they started out with higher production, but now they’re more valuable because you can apply a larger number of transformations to them.
    • It creates an interesting trade-off between short term benefit and long term benefit. Do you keep the early game concubine that’s maxed-out at 3 upgrades, or do you swap them out for one that can take up to 8 upgrades and start from scratch?
    • Before hand, getting higher production out of a given number of minions was mostly about replacing them with higher level minions. Now you actually need to upgrade them to get higher production, so apprentices have a much bigger role than they used to.


  • You can now select concubine transformations that require multiple steps (e.g. E-cup breasts, via C, D and DD-cups). All the intermediate transformations go into a queue and are worked on one-by-one. When each upgrade step finishes, the remaining upgrade points are transferred into the next step.
  • This means that rather than getting to a point where you have so much apprentice power that everything takes one turn, (rendering extra apprentices useless) instead you can set them multi-step goals and upgrade minions at a higher rate than once per turn.


  • As you upgrade your beasts, the production multiplier goes up in 50% steps rather than steps of 1.
  • Higher level beasts still start out with a higher multiplier, but now that bonus comes in 25% increments, rather than 100% increments.
  • To compensate, I’ve made late game items and buildings cheaper. Building upkeep has also been reduced.

The late-game explosion in mana production is well and truly under control. I might’ve actually gone too far, but I like these systems as a first cut even if I have to tweak some numbers down the line.

Other miscellaneous stuff:

  • More unsubscribe links in e-mails. Hopefully this should help with spam filters eating account confirmation e-mails.
  • The account upgrade page now shows Unlimited Characters even if you don’t have Unlimited Turns first.

Missed out on OffBeatr? The new donation system is live

I’ve just switched on the new payment system, so even if you missed out of the OffBeatr deadline you can get sweet donation rewards. It takes credit cards and debit cards. If you don’t have either, e-mail me and we’ll sort something out with Paypal.


  • Unlimited turns for $10.
  • Unlimited character slots for $5.

All money collected will go towards further development of the game. If you’re interested, log into Fleshcult and go to Edit Account. (If you don’t see anything new, you might already have all the rewards)

Release v0.47

New stuff:

  • Can select a custom name for your incubus/succubus.
  • Added exhaustion to invasion combat to limit runs of good or bad dice rolls.
  • Tweaked attacker vs. defender odds in invasion combat.
  • Extra front page links.

I’m continuing to work on the new donation system. I think it’s basically done, but it needs more testing before I can open it up to the public.

Rough schedule

Here’s a really rough schedule of the major milestones I have planned during the development period. Bug fixing will take place throughout. I’m also counting on final paintings getting delivered at some point, although it’s hard to know when that will be.

The OffBeatr total has dropped below $12,000 and is fluctuating due to failed transactions, but that’s OK, I’m still committed to achieving all the stretch goals that we reached.

I’ve decided to accept donations during development under the same terms as the crowdfunding campaign: $10 gets you unlimited turns during development (and after development, everybody gets unlimited turns), and $5 extra gets you unlimited characters. I want to be transparent about this, so I’ll do a weekly update showing the total donations collected, the money spent and what the remaining balance of project funds is. I’ll do the first balance update when I receive payment from OffBeatr.


Mid Feb

  • Set up forum.
  • System for donations outside of OffBeatr.
  • Ability to start research on upgrades that have a chain of dependencies (ala Civ).
  • Less randomness in invasion combat.
  • Arbitrary player character names.
  • Beast multipliers re-balanced.
  • Apprentices can research tomes.


Early March

  • Survey results announced.
  • NPC names integrated into game.
  • First new player skills.
  • First new NPC skills.
  • Testbed for writers to test in-game messages on.
  • Placeholder text for existing transformations replaced.


End of March

  • Plot arc fleshed out.
  • Wider variety of concubine upgrades.
  • New unique characters, based on which fetishes were chosen in survey.
  • Placeholder text for minions replaced.


Late April

  • Mobile UI.
  • Test on Android, test on iOS.
  • Improvements to desktop UI.
  • New unique characters.
  • More variations in encounter messages.


Mid May

  • New unique characters.
  • New chance events.
  • Some dialogue snippets for unique characters.


Early June

  • Remaining new player skills added, based on which fetishes were chosen in survey.
  • Remaining new chance events added, based on which fetishes were chosen in survey.
  • Gender effectiveness rebalanced.