Release v0.88

The main addition in this release is the ability to rename the main character and the minions. You can also set whether they use male or female pronouns. I’m continuing to improve the UI on small displays, and I should be done with that after batch of tweaks.

Other fixes:

  • Fixed missing Reject buttons.
  • Fixed skip tabs in encounter on mobile.
  • Made the credits, new account, building and surface missions screens easier to use on narrow displays.
  • Made it easier to tap options when selecting a merge type or side effect on a touchscreen.


Release v0.87

This is just a little patch that I’ve put out early to hopefully fix a nasty save game loading bug (“Internal Server Error” 100% of the time for certain unlucky accounts).

Other bits:

  • You don’t need to click on a lab or sanctum transformation in order to see the effects. Hovering over them with the mouse will give you a preview.
  • Slightly more keyboard navigation available on the end of encounter screens. I’ll revisit adding more keyboard navigation once I’ve added character renaming. I make sure it interacts with text boxes OK.
  • Spent a while looking for the cause of increased server timeouts over the past 2 weeks. Still don’t know what’s causing them.
  • Fixed up my fuzz testing utility so that it works after the recent UI changes. It’s a script I run on my dev machine that clicks links randomly at high speed. Ran it for quite a while and it bumbled its way all the way to the endgame, but the timeout never showed up.

Release v0.86


  • Lavah finished off the Sanctum background painting! It’s looking really slick.
  • Reformatted Lair header, Lab, Diary and Sanctum screens for mobile.
  • Redesigned transformation selection so that it’s a grid of transformations rather than a table. Separated the details for each into a detail pane allowing for longer descriptions.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed error when using a piece of equipment that has no applicable body parts.
  • Fixed error when entering encounter with a mortal left in chastity for a long time.
  • Possible fix for meter animations not beginning on slow or unreliable net connections. Let me know in the comments if this is still happening.
  • Made IE compatibility mode icon go away.

This release I started out with a more ambitious plan to do a Civ-style tree view for the minion transformations along with a Civ-style work queue. It’s funny though, Civ lets you queue buildings and set multi-step research targets, but it doesn’t let you queue multi-step research targets. This is what I’d need to be able to mix beasts and concubines in the apprentices’ work queue. I started towards that, but it was getting too complex for the limited time I have left, so I canned it in favour of a straightforward reformat for mobile.

October Project Balance Update

As you might have noticed, I’ve brought on a new artist, so this month has seen a bump in expenditure. Donations are rolling in steadily, but not at the rate I’m spending them. I’m shooting for a 1.0 shortly before I take a Christmas break, and the remaining balance is sufficient to do that.

I should have another release out very soon. It’ll fix the lair screens for narrow displays and fix a bunch of bugs. After that, all the big redesigns in the mobile UI should be done, with only a lot of little details remaining.

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