May Patreon Reward: Fleshcult v1.37

Available now from Patreon for $5, along with 5 mini-games and prototypes.

New Stuff:

  • Finished off the transformation scenes. New descriptions for:
    • Getting clits and tentacles
    • Butt adjustments
    • Getting piercings
    • Merging and splitting cocks
    • Buying pets
    • Encasing cocks in strap-ons and freeing them again

Bug Fixes:

  • Dicklette was getting treated as enormous in the transformation scenes, but it’s only enormous in spirit.
  • Fixed some busted pronouns.

April Patreon Reward: Fleshcult v1.36

Available now from Patreon for $5, along with 5 other mini-games and prototypes.

What’s New:

  • Short Transformation Scenes: Read about the workings of the Flesh Loom when you upgrade the protagonist.
    • Scenes written: Switching out junk, enlarging and shrinking it, breasts, butts, nipples, wings, horns, claws, and tails.
    • Not yet written: Tentacles, clits, piercings, buying equipment items and pets.
  • Pop-up messages for easily-missed milestones in the early game: unlocking skills and opening up new locations.

Balance changes:

  • Receiving anal requires slightly higher lust to initiate.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed internal orgasm messages not triggering.
  • Fixed seams in meters during animations.