Call for testers (Closed)

EDIT: Thanks everybody, I’m now well supplied with testers.

I’ve finished the infestation tome and are looking for a few more people to test it. Specifically people who:

  • Enjoy parasite fetish material
  • Have a Steam account on Windows
  • Can invest enough time to play to the end game

If that sounds like you, ping me an e-mail at and I’ll send you a key.

What I’m up to

I’ve been doing some experimental stuff lately:

  • Giving the player character a lust meter of their own. This would increase when mortals in the sex encounters take actions that arouse the succubus/incubus. When it overflows, the player character cums and this removes some mana from the meter. It’d be cool if ingesting this tainted seed had some kind of corrupting effect on the mortal, but at the moment it just increases the capacity of the horror meter.

    I feel that the mortals in the sex encounters are way too passive and it hurts their believability. The last few weeks I’ve been racking my brains for new actions that mortals can take, but having them do more sex acts without any game mechanical effect is essentially just flavour text. At the same time I don’t think this is adding enough to the game yet to justify the extra complexity of another meter.

  • I’ve been taking a look at the innards of Andrew Plotkin’s Mutagen. It’s a random sentence generator that manages to avoid some of the Madlibsy qualities of generators that simply use a template sentence with gaps to fill in. There are lots of places in the game I might use something like this, though attempting this much granularity results in spending more time formalising English grammar than writing.

Fleshcult outage

My database cache provider is currently having an outage. No ETA on a fix yet, but they’re replacing the machine. Again. They replaced the box I was on back in January too.

EDIT: It’s back up again. They haven’t mentioned anything about data loss, so hopefully everything is still there. In any case, the database behind the cache has your saved game as of the last time you completed an encounter. As far as I know, losing the encounter in progress would be the worst-case scenario.

OffBeatr unlock system deactivated

I’ve taken down the link on the Edit Account page for automatically claiming OffBeatr rewards. Looking at the count of upgraded accounts, I’m pretty sure everybody has their OffBeatr rewards by now.

If there’s anybody left who’s eligible for OffBeatr rewards but hasn’t received them, please let me know at with both your OffBeatr and Fleshcult accounts and I’ll sort it out.