Fleshcult v1.35: Available on Steam and Itch

What’s New:

  • Underworld Expeditions: Send minions out of the lair to look for high level tomes and artefacts, facing dangers along the way.
  • 2 new side quests:
    • Sabotage the facilities of the Office of the Witchfinder General.
    • Destroy the chastity field enveloping the suburbs.
  • A new tome: The Tome of Burliness.
  • Redesigned the way bottoming works. Your partner will never be too timid to do this now. While you’re getting it, you’ll see a new submenu for relaxing into it or stopping early.
  • A new character, the Raver. This scantily-clad reprobate can be found losing their mind on the dance floor at underground raves in The Pit.
  • Hackers and Ravers now have special character-specific abilities during sex encounters.
  • 2 new pieces of encounter background music.


  • Multiple looms now split effort between tasks evenly instead of prioritising quick tasks first, which was leading to mergers never finishing.
  • Fixed inability to save game with mods that have nested verb classes, if there’s no random event that turn.
  • Made tails much cheaper so they’re in line with comparable transformations.

Get it now! Or later, that’s cool too.