November Patreon Reward, v1.34

Available now from Patreon at $5 and up.

What’s New:

  • New move for Hackers: Sex Toy – arouses protagonist.
  • New move for Ravers: Revive – reduces max lust after a long encounter.
  • Bruiser starts out with a large lust meter.
  • Doctor starts out with a short fear meter.
  • Custom messages for hiding when you’re with a Biker.
  • Redesigned how progress bars show that multiple loom tasks are splitting the effort.

Balance changes:

  • Nerfed bottoming.
  • Using e-stim to milk mana now raises the alert level.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed sorcerers losing their magical abilities after you sit on their face.
  • Multiple looms now split effort between tasks evenly instead of prioritising quick tasks first, which was leading to mergers never finishing.
  • Fixed inability to save game with mods that have nested verb classes, if there’s no random event that turn.