Fleshcult v1.30: Available on Steam and Itch

New Stuff

  • Fleshcult now has audio! Sound effects and 9 tracks of original music. Hear the gasps and groans of your partners!
  • Construct extra flesh looms to transform minions in parallel.
  • New character: The Bruiser.
  • Improved seduction text. 5 times more variations and 12 times the word count.
  • All characters now have character-specific flourishes in their lair description.
  • Your protagonist can now have they/them pronouns.
  • Added more concubine transformations: masculine chests and volume 3 assets.
  • Modders can now add custom voice packs and background music.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved the look of various UI elements.
  • Fixed tooltip being cut off by Lab sidebar.
  • Removed some annoying random events: premonitions of the baron’s fall and concubines leaving.

Get it now. Original soundtrack album coming soon – follow oneirolith.bandcamp.com to get notified!