Release v0.68

New stuff:

  • Added monks and nuns to the game. But they don’t do anything special and there are no guardian angels. I’ve postponed that stuff until the game has a few prerequisites that I think will help make angels fun.
  • Added some foreshadowing to the early game so that new players know the Baron is looking for them and invasions come as less of a shock.
  • A smidge more writing from Porpentine.
  • More diagnostics for failing to load a save game. According to the logs has happened a handful of times, and I don’t have a lead on why yet.
  • Balance tweaks to help succubus players. Details in this forum thread.

The sacrilege update

Since my last update I’ve been working on adding angels, monks and nuns to the game and it’s taking longer than I expected. How to work angels into the game puzzled me for a wee while because angels always work for someone – there’s no such thing as a freelance angel. I started thinking about deities (plural, monotheism is boring) and I did invent a couple of gods to add to the pantheon, but then I realised it’d be an awesome surprise to have guardian angels instead.

The basic idea is that immediately before you recruit a monk or a nun, their angel intervenes. Angels are supposed to be chaste and virtuous so they’re bound in chastity equipment. You can’t seduce an angel directly (corrupting one takes some persistence), but if you arouse them enough they get really uncomfortable in their bindings and have to leave, which lets you have your wicked way with the monk/nun.

Trouble is that it’s not fun yet, so I’m going to have to shitcan something in this formula. Chastity limits your options during a sex scene to an excessive degree*, and the whole interruption thing feels a little punitive.

* Though it’d be great as an end to a scene. If you know you’re going to lose the encounter, you could put a mortal in chastity which would give you a bonus to lust the next time you visit.

Release v0.67

This release is to primarily to install a few upgrades to the frameworks and libraries I’m using.

Other stuff:
– Tome of Hermaphrodites now lifts restriction on mutating beasts with transformations that don’t match their gender.
– A couple of extra transformations for masculine chests. These go in the breast slot.

Next release should have some new characters.

May project account balance

As I said in the last update, all the excitement generated by Fenoxo’s Trials in Tainted Space Offbeatr has rustled up a lot of donations for Fleshcult, but I’m starting to see that tail off dramatically in the last couple of weeks (Though there’s a nice spike today as everybody checks in to watch the countdown). It’s renewed the sense that I can’t run development indefinitely, and that there’s an end date I need to hit. Looks like it’ll be in August. I’ve been saying July previously, but I haven’t made as much progress in April as I’d hoped.

Details below.

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