Release v0.77

Here’s another release that’s aimed at putting more writing into the game:

  • Two more characters:
    • The squirter.
    • The housewife and househusband. (Thanks again to SeldomPie for his first draft here)
  • Lots of extra variations on sex scene messages from Porp, including new intros for generic characters, the loosen hole action, teasing and questions.
  • Mortals no longer make a move during an orgasm turn.
  • Procedural references to body parts are now brief nouns rather than full transformation names.


Release v0.76

I spent most of the last week writing and editing. My productivity is atrocious when I’m writing rather than coding, but that’s where Fleshcult needs the most work, so I’m going to have to overcome my aversion to it.

The new stuff:

  • Two new characters:
    • The jaded hedonist.
    • The hair trigger. Tip of the hat to SeldomPie for supplying the first draft of this.
  • Lots of new rising horror, cast illusion and chastity descriptions, courtesy of Porp.
  • Some new questions for mortals to ask. Also reduced the horror increase that questions cause so they’re less likely to screw up your encounter.

Release v0.75

This release introduces locations. Depending on which location you visit on the surface, you can get different missions and different loot drops. The suburbs – the initial location – is structured so that you get a chance of picking up the most fundamental tomes early in the game.

I’ve also made some optimisations on how I’m storing body parts. This should help reduce lag.

Known Bugs:

  • If you’re resuming a character created in a previous release, some of the locations might initially have an empty list of missions. Don’t worry, they’ll fill up on the next turn or when you hit the ‘Reject’ button.

July project account balance

I’ve been making steady progress throughout June. The remaining funds have dropped slowly (down to $5.8k from $7k a couple of months ago) but that shouldn’t pose a threat to reaching project completion. Big thanks to everybody that’s helped get us this far.

This month I want to find a colourist to finish and clean up the remaining backgrounds. I also want to try organising the Visit Surface screen into locations, so that I can make sure that players are always presented with an opportunity to get certain tomes. I’ll be adding more characters too. Once I get to the v0.80 series, I’ll start to focus on the mobile UI and certain improvements to the desktop UI.

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