August Patreon Reward, v1.20

New Feature – Improved Minion Descriptions:

  • The descriptions of minions now start off with a character-specific line saying what they’re up to and how they’re doing. The line varies depending on whether they’re untransformed, partially transformed, or fully transformed.
  • About half of the characters have this filled in, the rest have a generic placeholder for now. Thanks go to Porpentine for writing these!

New Feature – Surface Recruits:

  • When you leave a recruit on the surface, you can now bring them back when you’ve got room.
  • There’s a new list in the Diary tab for checking up on these recruits.
  • Mortals out of the lair completing tasks no longer count towards the population cap. If there’s not enough room when they try to come back, they’ll chill on the surface instead.

Minor Tweaks:

  • Got rid of the Projects tab. You can now go there directly from a quest objective instead.
  • Renamed Projects to Schemes.
  • Nicer looking minion table and building list UI.
  • Retuned double dicks so it’s easier to get double penetration. Nerfed it a little.

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2 thoughts on “August Patreon Reward, v1.20

  1. Semeicardia says:

    When will the steam version be updated?
    It is currently v1.16 – from April.
    So that is 4 months, I assume we’ll get an update on Steam soon.

    • jackoekaki says:

      I’ll be working on it soon. I’d intended to have one out by now, but several patreon rewards ran long, and I just keep running out of time.

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