Fleshcult outage

My database cache provider is currently having an outage. No ETA on a fix yet, but they’re replacing the machine. Again. They replaced the box I was on back in January too.

EDIT: It’s back up again. They haven’t mentioned anything about data loss, so hopefully everything is still there. In any case, the database behind the cache has your saved game as of the last time you completed an encounter. As far as I know, losing the encounter in progress would be the worst-case scenario.

One thought on “Fleshcult outage

  1. Anonymous says:

    Different sections for Equipment(including piercing) and body mutations. Equipment shops could also be used to equip the base as building upgrades.

    Different places menus than only Go to the surface.
    Having to meet people a bit in places before choosing from the current relation list (which are all Eager even when suspicious and wont hunt you down if suspicious and Horror filled up).
    Adding influential people to corrupt to the random lot, therefore adding quests and environmental modification (like corrupting a knight can modify raids on base frequency or effectiveness).

    It might be useful writing UML schema of different object categories like equipment, places, people, buildings and body parts.

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