Release v0.57

Mostly bug fixes and UI refinements this release. I’m also figuring out how to set up a dev server so that writers messing around in the editor can’t disrupt players on live.

Changes in this release:

  • 28 new body part descriptions from Porpentine.
  • Fixed a bug where some insert, grope and reveal nature messages got lost.
  • Reorganised building menu so that descriptions are shown for the things that you’ve built, rather than the things that you haven’t.
  • Redid Sanctum page so that it’s easier to navigate. Each tome is now a folding section.

2 thoughts on “Release v0.57

  1. Anonymous says:

    Different sections for Equipment(including piercing) and body mutations. Equipment shops could also be used to equip the base as building upgrades.

    Different places menus than only Go to the surface.
    Having to meet people a bit in places before choosing from the current relation list (which are all Eager even when suspicious and wont hunt you down if suspicious and Horror filled up).
    Adding influential people to corrupt to the random lot, therefore adding quests and environmental modification (like corrupting a knight can modify raids on base frequency or effectiveness).

    Game server currently getting internal errors.
    It might be useful writing UML schema of different object categories like equipment, places, people, buildings and body parts.

  2. Your own mother says:

    I think I figured out the bug that was annoying me so much with the pixies munching on mana. If you take the 20 bonus mana instead of a tome, and you get pixies stealing mana while you were gone, they also manage to steal the bonus mana you were bringing back to your lair.

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