Release v0.75

This release introduces locations. Depending on which location you visit on the surface, you can get different missions and different loot drops. The suburbs – the initial location – is structured so that you get a chance of picking up the most fundamental tomes early in the game.

I’ve also made some optimisations on how I’m storing body parts. This should help reduce lag.

Known Bugs:

  • If you’re resuming a character created in a previous release, some of the locations might initially have an empty list of missions. Don’t worry, they’ll fill up on the next turn or when you hit the ‘Reject’ button.

6 thoughts on “Release v0.75

  1. Moon Dew says:

    I’m sorry I keep asking this, but since you didn’t answer the last time I got to know, are you sure you won’t make this free to play before v1.0?

    • jackoekaki says:

      Pretty sure. The donation reward for the folks who backed me during the OffBeatr campaign and those who’ve contributed since is that they would get access during development. It’s implicit that this is exclusive access. Would they still have agreed if it wasn’t exclusive access?

      I feel that opening it up before v1.0 would be reneging on the terms of that deal.

  2. Derpus says:

    Hey-o, any reason why Trans characters can’t spawn with subtypes like Otaku or Sorceress or whatever? Just a case of specific dialog not being in?

    • jackoekaki says:

      Yeah, I think it’d need a specific paragraph written for that case. While I could just swap pronouns in an existing paragraph, the descriptions refer to both their body and gender performance, so one of the two would be wrong whatever you do. I think the best approach would be to write a whole new character for it, but I don’t have any plans to do that just yet.

  3. NE says:

    cool game, I hope you will continue developing it.If you get the necessary art for a character viewer, will you code it?

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