April Patreon Reward, v1.17

New in Fleshcult v1.17:

  • 2 new buildings: Get extra flesh looms to transform minions in parallel. No more transforming beasts one at a time.
  • The Lab screen now has a sidebar with all your minions, showing the various transformations under way.
  • Mutations are now a constant chance upon the completion of a transformation, so you’re more likely to see them in the late game.
  • Concubines can now get mutations, but it’s rare.

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3 thoughts on “April Patreon Reward, v1.17

  1. Drama Llama says:

    I have a question. When can we make our little slaves more muscular? Or shrink someone’s breasts? Cause it feels like a missed opportunity.

  2. Drama Llama says:

    Yeeeees! Finally! We ca finally transform women into men!

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