Modding Progress Update

I’ve been making a lot of progress building the mod system and adding HTML/CSS modding specifically. I expect I’ll have something for modders to experiment with before Christmas, but hooking it up to Steam Workshop will have to wait until the new year. Changing the underlying behaviour of the game will arrive later.

I’m mindful that after I expose something to modders, doing a big refactor on it will break everybody’s stuff. So whenever I delve into the details, there’s a pressure to get things right the first time. That said, I suspect the smarter approach is probably getting something rough out quickly and then reacting to what people actually need.

One thing I’m over-engineering the fuck out of is giving modders lots of ways to add their stuff without overwriting stuff from other mods. Maybe if I pull that off Fleshcult modding won’t be a shitshow of bugs and load order tweaking? Time will tell.