December Patreon Reward

The patreon content next month will kick off new storylines, told through a bunch of end-of-night text scenes:

  • Witness the Baron’s fall play out in the Underworld.
  • Find out what’s happening inside the Office of the Witchfinder General.
  • Get hints about the main character’s past.

I’m aiming to have this ready for you in the first week of December.

EDIT: Available now! 8 new plot scenes, on top of the content from previous patreon updates: 2 new tomes, 2 new characters, and 2 new trap types.

5 thoughts on “December Patreon Reward

  1. Kaia Cougari says:

    Of the patreon content, what should I expect to be patreon-only and what should I expect to eventually become publicly available, even if in the form of paid DLC?

    I’d love to see more content for Fleshcult, and would happily support your work. But I’m very selective about making monthly payments and am curious what options there will be for this content.

    • jackoekaki says:

      The plan right now is that all of the plot/progression stuff makes it back to the base game but with a generous delay (several months). I’m thinking about making some truly patreon-only high level tomes. Exclusive pets have worked pretty well in other games. Not sure, still thinking on it.

      I don’t think I’ll be doing DLC. I’ve run the numbers and it seems like that model is better suited to games with bigger audiences and lots of stuff in their DLC shops. I don’t think I’ve got the scale for it.

  2. ArgentRain says:

    Whoa, the last time I checked in on this was years ago!

    Last I had heard, if I recall, production was shutting down.

    Why, I don’t even remember what Email I was using back then!

    Well, congratulations on continuing forward successfully after all! I think I’ll take a look and see what’s been happening, ingame and news-wise.

    I hope profits are going well : D

    • ArgentRain says:

      Gave it another playthrough; it’s still pretty dang neat!

      1. Cassandra’s lust meter doesn’t seem to have any actual words in the popup. Or the popup doesn’t open all the way. Either way it’s almost the only thing of its kind that I saw, I think.

      2. I never liked the mood whiplash between the rest of the game and the fatal nature of raids; would be neat if (i) your beasts as well as your concubines were kidnapped instead of killed, AND (ii) the Baron’s duders were ALL trapped in the sexual traps etc (probably lowering upkeep by 1 per trapped individual, since they are essentially milked forever at that point).

      Idle Complaints:
      3. Not a fan of the fact that the humans have the upper hand with the nukes etc… It’s not “a flaw or failing” in any regard with the writing, just something I personally don’t enjoy at all. I like the Demons to have a pretty unquestionable supremacy.
      – Also, after taking out the Baron I’d prefer that there wasn’t any need to remain the underdog but rather you could expand in a vast sprawling way maybe becoming top Royalty yourself, and that there wasn’t any further antagonist. But I understand that everything in this bullet-point is pretty much just “A choice that the Author has made, which I strongly dislike” and I don’t really have any expectations of anything about it changing.)

      I don’t know much of anything about modding games, but I assume that although there are some form of “semi-official” mods curated on the Steam Workshop, it also remains possible for people to make and upload unrestricted rogue mods to some sort of site… any idea where?

      • jackoekaki says:

        Thanks for letting me know, that’ll be fixed in the next release. As for sites for distributing mods outside Steam Workshop, dunno!

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