Fleshcult on Steam?

In the previous post I laid out how I’m gonna make a downloadable version of Fleshcult. The question is, how should I distribute it?

Putting it on Steam has a lot of interesting potential. It’d bring it to a new audience. If it does well, that might put restarting development into a new light. Modding support via Steam Workshop would be really cool. And Steam’s just really convenient to use.

On the other hand, Valve’s not in the business of being a file server for totally free or Patreon-supported games. F2P, yes – totally free, no. As I understand it, to pass store page review it has to cost money, or have in-app purchases, or have a plan to make money later. For example, Doki Doki Literature Club has a token item of DLC that acts as a tip jar. Actual DLC content would be cool, but the project doesn’t have enough momentum right now for me to commit to making anything significant – aside from the Infestation tome, which will go in the base game. I could just charge a buck, that would be simple.

I could also stick it on itch.io. They’ll happily host games in exchange for a cut of the tip jar. So, I’m thinking a buck for the Steam version, which will go towards modding support, and free/pay-what-you-want on Itch.

What do you think? Any other options I should be considering?

7 thoughts on “Fleshcult on Steam?

  1. DrPill says:

    After Greenlight folded due to devs stacking positive reviews for automatic approval, Steam started charging $100 to list your title. Plenty of indie devs have gone this route, so there are lots of success/failure/”wish I knew X first” stories out there on the net that will tell you more. From what I’ve read, itch’s process is much easier to handle.

    Steam’s recent inclusion of “adult” titles has led to a number of formerly Patreon-only games releasing Steam versions – Venture Seas, Being a DiK, Fetish Locator, even CoC2 among them – while still charing patrons to fund development. Steam version pricing and content varies wildly; it seems no one’s figured out the sweet spot yet.

    In my opinion, you should be looking at Helltaker for a comparison. Completely free, with a relatively expensive DLC (which can be obtained for free or purchased to support the dev) that has no bearing on the game itself.

  2. Dark Jellyfish says:

    If free game + paid DLC is out of the question now, I would definitely pay some money to get the full game on Steam.
    Or alternatively, maybe you could cut some existing features and add them as low-cost DLC (while making the game itself free). Examples of DLC could be including trans companions, some mutations for slaves or the main character.
    Not sure what would be better tbh.

    • jackoekaki says:

      A lot of games get accused of cutting existing content to make DLC. Actually doing it for real, out in the open; it’d make people so angry! So, no, I think there’s a better approach.

  3. reyn3 says:

    Glad to hear that you are working on Fleshcult again! I think this game has tremendous potential. The only thing holding it back right now is that people do not know about it or do not know that you are working on it right now. The main thing would be getting the word out, then your audience will know how to find you, and definitely there is an audience out there for this. Steam would work for that. I think this game will generate tremendous attention once it is listed somewhere that people look for adult games. Many people scan Steam and summary websites every day looking for new releases.

    I like many of the ideas posted in response to the previous thread that you posted as well, such as more town sections where potentially more sexually competitive partners can be found.

  4. art926 says:

    Great news! You should have done that a couple of years ago)

  5. GeyserGod says:

    Go with steam, If you go with steam not only will you get the large player base that steam has, but in the future if you allow modding you gain the support of their workshop mod program which will make things easier on both you and the modding community. With the replay-ability of this game I would even be willing to pay $5 price if you had to put a price tag for it on steam.

  6. qorl says:

    This probably isn’t the right place, but I found this game only today and I wanted to leave a tiny bit of feedback. It would be really nice if, when your succubus is wearing a strapon while visiting a lady, the description called it a strapon or dildo and not a cock. It’d help with I dunno immersion? accuracy? Just saying, it’d super nice.
    Also, I’d totally pay a buck on steam for this.

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