Last call for survey responses

If you’re eligible for the fetish survey ($15 pledges and up during the OffBeatr campaign) or the name survey ($30 pledges and up during the OffBeatr campaign), you need to get your answers in within the next few days.

The initial batch of forms went out to your OffBeatr e-mail address on the 1st of February. There were about a dozen people who I missed out because their payment didn’t go through until later, so I sent another batch on the 14th of February. Lately I’ve been having crappy luck actually getting e-mails delivered, so if you still haven’t received one, let me know at

There won’t be much visible progress with the game this week. I’m working on an editing tool to allow writers to add new messages to the sex encounters, and give them control over when the messages are displayed. I’m hoping that by allowing text to be added to a character in a free-form way, I can get more lively, reactive NPCs than if we did it in a big spreadsheet where every character has the same blanks to fill in.

4 thoughts on “Last call for survey responses

  1. ArgentRain says:

    But aren’t there always going to be the same spaces to fill in regardless?


    “Response to X action of PC, or Y ‘combat move’ of PC”

    “Text for the NPC’s ‘combat moves’.”

    What else do you want?

    • jackoekaki says:

      I think trying to apply a uniform data model is always going to result in either missing opportunities for better characterisation by having too few items to fill in, or an excessive number of items.

      For example, the prim and proper antiques dealer should say something when you take his or her anal virginity, but is it worthwhile to fill in something special for the degredation slut? No, it’s probably not even the first time they’ve had something up their ass that day.

      • ArgentRain says:

        Hm. If you say so. I figure the degradation slut should also react, just not with “OH MY HEAVENS I HAVE NOT BEEN MADE PREVIOUSLY AWARE OF THIS USE OF THAT PARTICULAR ORIFICE GOOD SIR”

  2. AliceB says:

    Okay, now I want all the NPCs to have that response built in.

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