Fetish Survey Results

I’ve compiled the Fetish survey results. This was open to people who contributed to the OffBeatr crowdfunding drive in January, at a level of $15 or higher.

Which transformation would you most like to see in the game?



The write-in results had a range of interesting ideas, the most popular of which was muscle growth (3 requests). The suggestions for living clothing, flavoured cum and being able to secrete spiderwebs also caught my eye. For now I’ll only commit to putting Nagas in the game, and leave the rest for any spare time I might have at the end of development.

What kinds of partners would you most like to see in the game?

partner_graphOK, so I’m definitely going to have to put angels in the game! I’ll have a think about what that means in world-building terms, because I never imagined Fleshcult taking place in a monotheistic world (in spite of the fact that succubi and incubi are part of the Christian mythos). I’ll figure something out.

The most popular write-in results were Amputees (3) and Bimbos (3).

Which activity would you most like to see in the game?


Minion breeding would be awesome. In contrast to the others it’d really make more sense as a meta-game activity, though I haven’t figured out what that will entail. Seeing as I don’t want children in the game, I’m imagining minions incubating demonic spawn of some kind.

This also had some pretty cool write ins: unbirth (3) and fucking machines!

Thanks to everybody who took the time to fill this in. It’s really helping me prioritise.

3 thoughts on “Fetish Survey Results

  1. mrtt says:

    Why would angels imply a monotheistic world?
    The monotheistic religions could just be lying about other gods not existing… Furthermore, anything implied by angels was also implied by incubi existing.

    • ArgentRain says:

      I was thinking almost precisely the same thing.

      Just as Succubi are part of the Christian Mythos but the game is not saying “Oh lawdy the Christian mythos is perfectly true and we all work for only the Devil”

      Simnilarly Angels are part of the Christian Mythos but you could have angels OF any number of gods, including some Valkyries, I guess, without implying anything MORE than the existence of succubi etc in the first place implies.

      • ArgentRain says:


        …Also I’m not saying you could have angels OF Valkyries, I’m saying you could have some of the angels BE “Valkyries and other female heavenly servant equivalents”.

        Dat Clarity Failure

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