Near-term Plans

  • Firstly, hit the prerequisites I’ll need for it to be suitable for public consumption:
    • Profile extensibility.
    • Improving workflow for writing submissions.
    • Server performance improvements / reliability monitoring.
  • More beta invites!
  • Writing, writing and more writing. Fleshcult needs more characterisation in particular. A harem is no fun if all the inhabitants are indistinguishable. A lot of the writing effort I have planned is going to go into making the characters react in individual ways in the sex scenes.
  • Random equipment drops at encounter start.
  • Spell tomes as prerequisites to shapeshifting categories, perhaps? I’ll play with some ideas here.
  • Rework concubine & beast upgrade trees to be more interesting and less gross respectively.
  • Special high difficulty content.
  • Initial public release. A soft launch, start out small?

Longer Term

  • Boss invasion events.
  • More variety in partner encounter actions.
  • More player actions.
  • Random turn events.
  • Encounters with multiple subjects.

2 thoughts on “Near-term Plans

  1. gary smit says:

    hello sir,

    great idea great layout great game, however sir i can not get to first base with a female or male as a female or male and i have tried all selections that were highlighted meaning i could click on to select and in every case i can not get anyone to go we me sir.

    am i using the wrong selections in the wrong order or the wrong sex, i just do not know sir.

    thanks for your time,


    • jackoekaki says:

      Hi, there isn’t one particular sequence of moves required for seduction to succeed, it’s just about getting lust as high as possible. The more lust they’re experiencing, the more suggestible they are.

      Thanks for the comment, finding out about ease of use problems is really useful.

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