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If I was gonna restart my Patreon, what would you like to see as a reward, and where would you want to see me spend time and resources?

Whatever happens I’ll continue to use Steam revenue to finish off mod support. But patreonbux would allow me to bring in artists and writers and commit to more content. If you’d like to be informed if/when this happens, follow Fleshcult on Steam or Itch.

Which Patreon rewards might tempt you to join? (Pick all that apply)

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A Fourth Location?

In this scenario I’d focus on making the game longer, with a new location after the suburbs and the old quarter. It would have new types of minions to recruit and a new plot arc that carries on after the Baron.

Side Projects

I regularly have ideas for erotic games that I make little prototypes of. They’re short and not illustrated, but I’d polish them up and add some juicy text descriptions. Not all of these would have selectable gender and sexuality like Fleshcult. For example, the most complete thing I have lying around is a Twine game where you’re a male sub lost in his mistresses’ maze of sinister glory holes.


I’d also add the technical framework for background music to the game. I slapped together the Steam trailer music in Renoise and could make more tracks with a similar mood, but at lower tempo and with more ambience. Or hire an actual musician, if the community gently takes me aside to say, “Yes, but not like that”.

Lore Wiki

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was doing a bit of worldbuilding to give me more of a setting to work with. For example, I have a map of the underworld based on tectonic plate boundaries and large igneous provinces. Demonic factions, yadda yadda. Absolutely no promises this ever makes it into the game and it’s very unlikely to get you off. Might be interesting if you’re trying to do similar things on tabletop.

What else am I missing?

I’m open to suggestions.

5 thoughts on “Patreon Rewards

  1. Ryan G says:

    Lowkey the thing the game needs the most is a big sexy end game. As is you just reach peak unstoppability with no goal or threat left. Give us something to struggle against and you’ve got a solid game.

    • Uncle Joker says:

      I second what Ryan G said. A Bonus or unlockable Boss Battle would add quite a bit of replay. I will add though, that it doesn’t NEED to be another End Battle. I stuck around after defeating the Baron (or put it off on another play through) specifically to finish breeding the various “Fused” demon creations. Adding more of those would add evergreen replay if you have enough variation.

  2. matt says:

    Id subscribe to the patreon if you added character artwork(even if you only started with the player character). I know it would be exspensive but the ability to see the characters and the customisations would make a big difference. would probably significantly increase you reach and income as well. and it has a big blank space that seems perfect for it.

  3. Terra says:

    What about a way to suggest kinks to be added to the game? While I think the game’s good, it’s missing too many things I really like for me to want to support the Patreon.

    • jackoekaki says:

      I’d probably run some backer polls now and then, but they’d probably be more along the lines of “Which tome should I work on first, A or B?” rather than, “Here’s a huge fetish survey, this is a binding referendum that I must obey…”

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