Release v0.61

This release has internal changes so that people with older saved games can see the new anal moves I added in v0.60. You’ll still need the anal tome for them to appear. If you don’t like the idea of rimjobs or the player character receiving anal, don’t pick that tome. 🙂

Internally, I’ve changed actions so that instead of being created once when you get a new body part, they’re created from scratch whenever you enter an encounter. This should make backward compatibility easier.

I’m considering making it so that giving anal requires the tome as well. At the moment being a top is standard issue, but being a bottom is an extra. Maybe it’d be better for the people who are grossed out by buttsex if both were opt-in.

7 thoughts on “Release v0.61

  1. jononamous says:

    Removing anal w/o the tome would make seducing males a bit harder for succubi and much harder for incubi. Just sayin’…
    I feel that 2nd tier actions have lust requirements a bit too high. I don’t know many guys the would turn down a BJ because they weren’t horny enough. It is really only noticeable after 3 orgasms or so, but I would suggest nudging the requirements down a little. It also seems a bit hard to convince a guy to take my ass. Lactation doesn’t take it low enough to make it more than likely.

    • jackoekaki says:

      Making all anal dependent on the tome would result in M/M couples not having options other than the basic 4. This is the situation that F/F couples are in all the time, so before I worry about doing anything either way, I’ll be looking into adding some kind of F/F specific action (tribbing?).

      In my mind the second tier is for stuff that requires the character to be at least at half mast or wet (which you can imagine would take some doing, 3 orgasms in). I guess BJs don’t really fit that categorisation, though I’m not sure what else I’d replace it with.

  2. ArgentRain says:

    Whether buttsex is opt-in or not, I hope there’ll eventually be some way to choose which orifice you cast “loosen” on, without having to wait for the game to decide to produce the right one for that round of actions.

    • jackoekaki says:

      It’s something I’d like to try out and see how it affects the game (being subject to the whims of the action deck helps stop the player falling into a skill rotation), though it’ll have to wait until I’m messing around with hierarchical menus during the UI overhaul.

  3. Shadow Knight says:

    Well, in the interest of fairness, I would like to see bottoming and topping to be treated the same way (including anal fisting too, since you’re at it), but the tome is kind of too random for people who DO want it. I, for example, only have a certain interest in 3 tomes (maybe 4 or 5, depending on what I’m aiming for in that particular playthrough) so I have to pick the “nothing” option fairly often.

    There’s also the fact that the guy apparently has no issues with a demon getting teeth, needles, clamps and claws on his cock, but he needs persuading to top someone anally. I personally wouldn’t mind needing minimal lust requirements for ANY of these activities, so if you want to homogenise the whole “getting stuff near my cock” thing, I’d be all for that.

    I do want to leave a positive comment too, though, along with my opinions. I am definitely having a ton of fun with the new anal tome and I sincerely appreciate the effort put into that.

    • jackoekaki says:

      I’m thinking about using locations to split the tome drops into a foundational group (herm, dicks 1, boobs 1, anal…) that’s readily available during the early game and a fancier group that’s rarer.

      As for bottoming, I think once I get more writing in for that action it’ll become clearer what the character is thinking and why they’re experiencing that trepidation. This may be a quite a way off though, we’ve got a bunch of characters to write first.

      • Shadow Knight says:

        That’s an excellent idea. Or, you could have a scripted (not random) event at Day 2 or so that lets you pick a book among a selection of the “main” ones (dick, breasts, herm, anal, vagina) and then another one 5 days later or so that lets you pick another one (or the upgrade to the one you picked), in addition to the usual randomness we see currently in the game. That means that you have a chance of getting at least 2 of the tomes you really want, and early in the game too.

        Definitely gotcha with the bottoming thing. Now that I think I see what you’re going for, I’m definitely sure you’ll pull it off.

        I want to add an agreement to tribadism for F/F, and you can easily implement the same (frotting) for M/M if you want to relegate the anal stuff to the tome. And something that just occurred to me is to add a checkbox in the character creation menu that goes “Start with the Tome of Anal Pleasure 1”. It’d let players dive right into that if they want to, and you can relegate basic anal stuff (rimming, topping) to the first volume, and more exotic stuff (toys, bottoming, etc) to the second.

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