Release v0.92

New stuff:

  • New character in Old Town: Size Queen.
  • 3 new random events: one common, two in the early/mid game.
  • Fixed bug where loosening lotion effects were permanent, rather than limited to the encounter.
  • Fixed bug where you could buy buildings without enough mana.
  • Fix for sanctum/lab item selections not highlighting in IE8.
  • Fixed inability to select items from the tome of hermaphrodites.
  • Minor server-side optimisations.


2 thoughts on “Release v0.92

  1. Azure says:

    Wait… the loosening effect wasn’t supposed to be permanent? Well there goes my strategy. I usually just tried to use it as often as possible during the first encounter, then come back later to reap the benefits.

    • jackoekaki says:

      Nope, but you can permanently stretch the body part by repeated large insertions. I’ll fix the description on the sanctum item so it’s clearer.

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