Rough schedule

Here’s a really rough schedule of the major milestones I have planned during the development period. Bug fixing will take place throughout. I’m also counting on final paintings getting delivered at some point, although it’s hard to know when that will be.

The OffBeatr total has dropped below $12,000 and is fluctuating due to failed transactions, but that’s OK, I’m still committed to achieving all the stretch goals that we reached.

I’ve decided to accept donations during development under the same terms as the crowdfunding campaign: $10 gets you unlimited turns during development (and after development, everybody gets unlimited turns), and $5 extra gets you unlimited characters. I want to be transparent about this, so I’ll do a weekly update showing the total donations collected, the money spent and what the remaining balance of project funds is. I’ll do the first balance update when I receive payment from OffBeatr.


Mid Feb

  • Set up forum.
  • System for donations outside of OffBeatr.
  • Ability to start research on upgrades that have a chain of dependencies (ala Civ).
  • Less randomness in invasion combat.
  • Arbitrary player character names.
  • Beast multipliers re-balanced.
  • Apprentices can research tomes.


Early March

  • Survey results announced.
  • NPC names integrated into game.
  • First new player skills.
  • First new NPC skills.
  • Testbed for writers to test in-game messages on.
  • Placeholder text for existing transformations replaced.


End of March

  • Plot arc fleshed out.
  • Wider variety of concubine upgrades.
  • New unique characters, based on which fetishes were chosen in survey.
  • Placeholder text for minions replaced.


Late April

  • Mobile UI.
  • Test on Android, test on iOS.
  • Improvements to desktop UI.
  • New unique characters.
  • More variations in encounter messages.


Mid May

  • New unique characters.
  • New chance events.
  • Some dialogue snippets for unique characters.


Early June

  • Remaining new player skills added, based on which fetishes were chosen in survey.
  • Remaining new chance events added, based on which fetishes were chosen in survey.
  • Gender effectiveness rebalanced.

13 thoughts on “Rough schedule

  1. Ellissa says:

    I can setup a forum for you so you don’t have to, I can also help where you need me to. I love the ideas in the game thus far. I am glad to be a donor.

  2. Visitor says:

    Good game, tested it, I like the fact you have plans laid out for the future, though there are a few things that I’d like addressed as they bother me even currently, not really mentioned in the roadmap. I know that the development is still in early phase and I’d like to ask to not think of it as of wishlist, nor me telling you how to make your game – it’s not really my intention. While I may hit harder tones at some moments, it’s just honest reflection of my feelings as I’d like this game to grow and realize it’s potential – which it does have quite some if I may say so myself. I would make it an email but there was no address stated with permission to send any feedback there. Thus, the wall of text here and things that I need to mention that would use work more ASAP:

    1. Cannot pair concubines with guards (beasts). I cannot for example choose concubine giving the most drops and the guard with biggest multiplier. ‘First come, first served’ isn’t a good way when setting up any kind of empire, including demonic ones.

    2. I’d like to know beforehand how what mutation affects both looks and the abilities of my subjects, especially when it comes to the event when transformed guard is granted additional unexpected modification, where aside from somewhat vague name of mutations, there’s no info.

    3. A thing I am worried and even slightly bitter about as it’s a common, if not cliche thing in newest generation of erotic indie games. Please consider moving laboratory body modifications into different directions. I especially see lots of wasted potential when sanctum improvements come to ‘bigger penises, bigger balls = more pleasure’. I understand no one wants to make this game realistic and some actually have oversized organ fetish (funnily enough, almost always it’s guys as many women are actually rarely NOT scared when dealing with inhumanly sized junk, yet alone aroused) but aside of doing ‘we add more inches and then more inches.. and moreeeee inches!’ turning our suc/incubi into grotesque – and for some idiotically looking – caricature I’d like to be able to develop some more subtle modifications at sanctum (some trance-inducting, pheromone/aphrodisiac pumping, passive magical aura of lust, change of joints to allow inhuman flexibility, a bit longer & nimble tongue) rather than the ones mentioned at the beginning of this point.

    Same with concubines – staying even more true to common IRL lore about succubi/incubi which prey actually on the feeling and emotions of lust in no lesser (and maybe even far bigger) degree than on fluids, I’d like to actually magic/mind-control/break/train concubines into providing me with more power and not necessarily make it all depenand on gallons of their milk/cum. Making it lore-wise just a conduit of lust pent up in the concubine which is what players are really after also seems more logical when it comes to buying/building stuff – again, it’d be what is in milk/cum that has value, not milk/cum itself which somehow we turn into facilities for our lairs (though maybe it gets frozen and then we sculpt bunks etc out of it).

    4. Beasts – I understand they’re to be monsters for the sake of forcing concubines of corrupted minds and tastes to cum while being deadly in the fight but given different kinds of mutations provided, I’d rather divide them. I mean, even the most nimble monster lover may be rather problematic when it’s made out of sharp, poison coated spikes (on fire). There’s also big potential for additional erotics in fights when the beast looks nicely feminine but has suction vagina and tentacles – why not to use them to rape some of the enemies instead of just fighting? Thus, I’d make some mutations helpful just in fighting, other just in sex, with some giving bonuses to one while decreasing performance in the other… and some which can be efficiently used in everything.

    5. Consider adding some more to the descriptions of all the servants. Little details that’ll help the imagination – hair color, race, general build (one person can be slim and short, someone else may be quite.. spacious, with bigger/smaller breasts etc) – even just for the player to get immersed more, if not to make different converts more/less appealing and better/worse at some jobs. And while we speak on cheating attributes on our subjects – there should be some context menu/expanding list as if one is in game far enough and has quite a few subjects, it can be pain in the butt to scroll through them looking for particular one.

    6. Surveys – I hope there will be many and some repeated as the game will rise in popularity. For example, it may be my incompetence but I couldn’t find that fetish survey mentioned in the post and I’d gladly add my votes/opinions in regards to potential fetishes.

    7. Lastly, other things to do to advance time. Sometimes I would like an alternative to seducing some people with no bonuses and thus – lower value – while my lair is full of my servants and I just need to advance day or two to buy some facility. I’d also like different, other ways of improving my situation than just seducing. Please consider expanding the gameplay and options for the player.

    I apologize for taking your time (hopefully you did manage to read this) and wish you a nice day.

    • jackoekaki says:

      Regarding #1: Doh, I forgot to mention minion re-pairing. It’s definitely on the list.

      #3: I consider porn-star like attributes to be one axis that the player can explore. I want to make sure there are always other equally rich axes that you can improve yourself along (increasingly monstrous, body mod pincushion etc.). I’m particularly unhappy with the concubine upgrade tree at the moment. It definitely needs more directions.

      #5: The new unique characters will have more in the way of descriptions. Also, on the pages where there are minion lists, the minion names at the top are clickable, and they skip to that minion.

      Surveys: If you’ve donated $15 or more you’ll have received it by e-mail. If not, please check your spam folder.

  3. Semeicardia says:

    It seems a reasonable time-frame / schedule 🙂
    Just narrow enough to not drag out, but stretched enough so that you won’t get stressed from overworking 🙂

    As a suggestion once the game reaches 1.0 and have been around for some time (6 months?), you could develop an expansion pack / dlc with more story and perhaps even more play skills and unique characters 🙂

  4. Sasha S says:

    Good to see that you managed to achieve your goals, and like Visitor up there says, I support the idea of other transformations besides size and other ways to spend your time. Sounds odd in a porn game, but I don’t always want to be sexing things up. Also, when an assistant decides to offer a ‘special transformation’ the option to say no would be nice.

    But the main point of this post isn’t just to nag you into putting more stuff in. You say you’re going to be letting people donate just as when the offbeatr was going. Can I request this time that you use a method that isn’t reliant on credit cards if you can? That was the only thing that stopped me donating before.

  5. Kei-chan says:

    “Less randomness in invasion combat.
    Arbitrary player character names.
    Beast multipliers re-balanced.”

    … D-does this mean you read my comments on TFGS after all?

  6. ArgentRain says:

    >Less randomness in invasion combat

    Fantastic. : D

    For the time being, in order to reduce randomness, I had been relying on “getting enough traps to sure-fire catch the invaders” and that’s not a sustainable strategy. (I have never disliked cute pixies as much as when they eat my goddamn mana just before I can afford the last trap, on the last day before an invasion.)

    • ArgentRain says:

      Oh, also, while “UNLIMITED TURNS” is certainly a clear and understandable term, “Limited turns” can mean a lot of things.

      When the game reaches a state – unlike its current state – wherein 30 days just plain old is not enough to experience the full range of plot or upgrades, will the turn limit be extended accordingly?

      Or will it be “30 turns from beta all the way to finished product, and then unlimited turns at the finished product stage, no in-betweens”?

  7. Alamand says:

    I have to say taking that survey was unexpectedly tough having to choose between some of them, would have been nice if it was pick your top 2-3 in each category.

    Couldn’t decide if I should go for my favorite but somewhat popular fetish or a more niche one that might get less votes but that I also like.

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