Release v0.86


  • Lavah finished off the Sanctum background painting! It’s looking really slick.
  • Reformatted Lair header, Lab, Diary and Sanctum screens for mobile.
  • Redesigned transformation selection so that it’s a grid of transformations rather than a table. Separated the details for each into a detail pane allowing for longer descriptions.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed error when using a piece of equipment that has no applicable body parts.
  • Fixed error when entering encounter with a mortal left in chastity for a long time.
  • Possible fix for meter animations not beginning on slow or unreliable net connections. Let me know in the comments if this is still happening.
  • Made IE compatibility mode icon go away.

This release I started out with a more ambitious plan to do a Civ-style tree view for the minion transformations along with a Civ-style work queue. It’s funny though, Civ lets you queue buildings and set multi-step research targets, but it doesn’t let you queue multi-step research targets. This is what I’d need to be able to mix beasts and concubines in the apprentices’ work queue. I started towards that, but it was getting too complex for the limited time I have left, so I canned it in favour of a straightforward reformat for mobile.

6 thoughts on “Release v0.86

  1. Ete says:

    About the new box system, please provide the stats on mouse-over or similar, it’s harder to get a quick overview of the effects now.

    • jackoekaki says:

      Good point!

      • The Kinky Geek says:

        Yeah, I liked the old upgrade layout a lot better, as I could see all the effects at once and pick between them. This way it takes a lot longer to get to see what I want to do as I have to click *each* upgrade to see what it does. Is there any way you could put in an ‘expand all’ or a list view or something? Thank you.

  2. Alex says:

    The civ V style upgradetree sounds pretty damned cool. I really enjoy your game, thanks!

  3. The Kinky Geek says:

    Why don’t you label each button with the effect under it?

    So something like

    (Big, title font) Nipple Studs
    (Smaller font: 1 extra drop)
    (Right side) 2 turns

    • jackoekaki says:

      There’s not enough room if the name is long.

      In the next release you’ll be able to hover to get info, so that should help (unless you’re on mobile).

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