Release v0.48

I’ve been making big changes to the metagame. I’ve removed the production cap from concubine/beast pairs and replaced it with a more interesting system.


  • As you progress in the game, you meet characters that are harder to recruit, but more valuable. Previously, harder concubines were more valuable because they started out with higher production, but now they’re more valuable because you can apply a larger number of transformations to them.
    • It creates an interesting trade-off between short term benefit and long term benefit. Do you keep the early game concubine that’s maxed-out at 3 upgrades, or do you swap them out for one that can take up to 8 upgrades and start from scratch?
    • Before hand, getting higher production out of a given number of minions was mostly about replacing them with higher level minions. Now you actually need to upgrade them to get higher production, so apprentices have a much bigger role than they used to.


  • You can now select concubine transformations that require multiple steps (e.g. E-cup breasts, via C, D and DD-cups). All the intermediate transformations go into a queue and are worked on one-by-one. When each upgrade step finishes, the remaining upgrade points are transferred into the next step.
  • This means that rather than getting to a point where you have so much apprentice power that everything takes one turn, (rendering extra apprentices useless) instead you can set them multi-step goals and upgrade minions at a higher rate than once per turn.


  • As you upgrade your beasts, the production multiplier goes up in 50% steps rather than steps of 1.
  • Higher level beasts still start out with a higher multiplier, but now that bonus comes in 25% increments, rather than 100% increments.
  • To compensate, I’ve made late game items and buildings cheaper. Building upkeep has also been reduced.

The late-game explosion in mana production is well and truly under control. I might’ve actually gone too far, but I like these systems as a first cut even if I have to tweak some numbers down the line.

Other miscellaneous stuff:

  • More unsubscribe links in e-mails. Hopefully this should help with spam filters eating account confirmation e-mails.
  • The account upgrade page now shows Unlimited Characters even if you don’t have Unlimited Turns first.

18 thoughts on “Release v0.48

  1. jackoekaki says:

    Whoops, just patched a bug where if you had a beast with a multiplier greater than 8 in the old version, trying to resume the game in the new version would give you a server error. I saw it come up in the logs. Sorry to whoever that was!

  2. ArgentRain says:

    >Making use of extra apprentices at last


    Now we just need the ability to upgrade multiple MINIONS at once and we’re golden : D

    • mrtt says:

      yea, that is a necessary next step

    • jackoekaki says:

      Nah, it would add too much complexity to the UI. For example, the only 4Xs I know of that let you select multiple goals on a tech tree are Master of Orion/Master of Magic, and the resulting UI is way more complicated than I want.

      • ArgentRain says:

        That’s a shame, but thanks for the answer.

      • Anon17564 says:

        I don’t suppose that giving each apprentice the ability to work on a project individually would work? It’s really fine if you don’t, but it’s just a thought.

  3. mrtt says:

    Why would you ever replace minions instead of just recruiting more and more (and only investing in the new ones?)

  4. mrtt says:

    The “Replaces” header should instead be called “slot” or “location”.
    If an upgrade replaces something it should say the same thing as before, but if you have nothing in said slot it should give you the slot’s name.

    Some things you think stack but once you buy one the others say “replaces X”.
    So horns for example should say that they take up horns slot before you even buy any

  5. mrtt says:

    Beast level 2 upgrade for a female includes “thickened cock” even though she is female and never got a cock upgrade (upgrade 1 choice was wings, fancy choice was bone collar)

  6. mrtt says:

    cast loosen on anus/vagina can be cast multiple times, and does not show up in the current active effects list even though it is active.

    • ArgentRain says:

      Yeah, I actually wondered about that, thinking that maybe MULTIPLE loosenings of the orifice would make it vastly easier to do insertions or something.

      But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

      Granted, I haven’t tested quite exhaustively, but in the cursory looks I’ve taken, multiple casts didn’t SEEM to have that effect.

    • jackoekaki says:

      Good call on showing it in the status effects, I’ll add it to the list. When you cast it multiple times, the effect stacks. It’s intentional.

  7. mrtt says:

    Incubus can get C/D cup breasts as an upgrade an there is nothing but boobs to compete for that slot.
    Would be nice if you could get “chiseled manly pectorals” or some such

    • Your own mother says:

      I noticed that as well, a masculine option for that slot would be nice. I suggest an overall physique descriptor, with a few different choices for upgrading (swimmer’s build, bodybuilder, etc.) Not everyone is into muscles, so having a few different options would be nice.

  8. mrtt says:

    Do upgrades to beast increase their combat ability or only their droplet multipler?

    • Alamand says:

      I know before this version leveling beasts increased their combat power and I don’t see why that would have changed.

  9. AsteriskCGY says:

    Should I be allowed to transgender my concubines with transgender option right off the bat? I thought there was a book to go with it.

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