Release v0.50 – New Writer

I’d like to welcome the very talented Porpentine to the project! Her first contributions are the 28 new body part and building descriptions, and we’ll be seeing lots more of her work down the line.

You might know her as the author of Cyberqueen (Trigger Warning: All of them), from her Rock Paper Shotgun column, Live Free, Play Hard, or as one of the contributors to

Other stuff in this release:

  • Renamed the Status page to Diary. Now it always shows what happened to you on that day, rather than reverting back to a stock description if you revisit it.
  • Internal changes to make sure old profiles can see any new concubine transformations I add.
  • Fixed some spurious error messages that were clogging the logs.

4 thoughts on “Release v0.50 – New Writer

  1. Argentrain says:

    So I clicked on that Link to Cyberqueen

    >Integration necessitates evisceration

    Pretty much turned 180 degrees and left the way I came while saying



    • jackoekaki says:

      Yeah, Cyberqueen really is horrific. Maybe I should warn people. 🙂 It’s also not indicative of what she’s producing for Fleshcult.

  2. Razor75 says:

    So is her writing in game time now?

    • jackoekaki says:

      There’s a little bit from her in the game at the moment. About 20% of the transformations have descriptions written by her, and almost all of the buildings. More is on the way.

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