Release v0.68

New stuff:

  • Added monks and nuns to the game. But they don’t do anything special and there are no guardian angels. I’ve postponed that stuff until the game has a few prerequisites that I think will help make angels fun.
  • Added some foreshadowing to the early game so that new players know the Baron is looking for them and invasions come as less of a shock.
  • A smidge more writing from Porpentine.
  • More diagnostics for failing to load a save game. According to the logs has happened a handful of times, and I don’t have a lead on why yet.
  • Balance tweaks to help succubus players. Details in this forum thread.

5 thoughts on “Release v0.68

  1. Nero says:

    Just wanted to, mainly, give you some positive reinforcement. ERPGS are a big guilty pleasure of mine, a side effect of being both a nerd and a pervert i guess. The only other one i’ve downloaded/played that managed to capture my interest this much was CoC. Basically, your game is badass. Though it’s going to be a huge pain in the ass and inconvenient as hell, i’m planning to donate and have signed up for an account.

    Although the trial is relatively short, I have to say the idea behind your customization and the interaction with the NPC’s is awesome. I just hope the volume of content doesn’t disappoint.Something I would really like to see are a way to download the game straight to my PC ( I’ve always been afraid of pouring hours into a browser based game, then the owner removing it). And I thought it would kinda cool if you considered adding a soecial transformation pack for donators or something. Just like 5 – 7 non OP things. Just a thought.

  2. Moon Dew says:

    Can you please make the full version free to play in your next update? I know you originally intended to make it free to play when you release v1.00 in early June. It’s almost the end of May and the games not even at v.70. At this rate it’ll probably be December until v1.00’s finally out. Please, I’m begging you, don’t make us wait any longer. Just because we didn’t donate any money that doesn’t mean we don’t like your game.

    • jackoekaki says:

      There will be a big influx of players when I open up the turn limit. I’d like that to happen after I’ve gotten the game to a point where I’m happy with it.

      Dunno if this is any consolation, but if you’ve made an account, I’ll be sending a notification to the registered e-mail addresses when v1.0 is out.

  3. Moon Dew says:

    Not much of a consolation I’m afraid.

  4. Xelloss says:

    The notation in the forums thread about balance of female-only ( ie no strapon / herm additions ) succubi would be greatly assisted with the actual ability to use one’s tail for something other than show.

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