The sacrilege update

Since my last update I’ve been working on adding angels, monks and nuns to the game and it’s taking longer than I expected. How to work angels into the game puzzled me for a wee while because angels always work for someone – there’s no such thing as a freelance angel. I started thinking about deities (plural, monotheism is boring) and I did invent a couple of gods to add to the pantheon, but then I realised it’d be an awesome surprise to have guardian angels instead.

The basic idea is that immediately before you recruit a monk or a nun, their angel intervenes. Angels are supposed to be chaste and virtuous so they’re bound in chastity equipment. You can’t seduce an angel directly (corrupting one takes some persistence), but if you arouse them enough they get really uncomfortable in their bindings and have to leave, which lets you have your wicked way with the monk/nun.

Trouble is that it’s not fun yet, so I’m going to have to shitcan something in this formula. Chastity limits your options during a sex scene to an excessive degree*, and the whole interruption thing feels a little punitive.

* Though it’d be great as an end to a scene. If you know you’re going to lose the encounter, you could put a mortal in chastity which would give you a bonus to lust the next time you visit.

6 thoughts on “The sacrilege update

  1. anon says:

    Will we ever be able to recruit angels as special minions once they are corrupted?

    • jackoekaki says:

      Yup, that’s my intent.

      • anon says:

        Awesome, really like the sound of the chastity stuff, would love to see some more bondage content in this game, seeing as we’re playing as demons. They strike me as the kinky sort.

  2. Shadow Knight says:

    Well, there are actually freelance angels in some stories. The only one that comes to mind at the moment is Supernatural, where God is mysteriously absent and angels have gone rogue and started acting on their own agendas. You could have something like that (though I agree, monotheism is very boring) to explain why this angel might help you and that angel might fight you and that angel over there appears in the middle of the encounter, takes a lock of hair from the monk/nun, and leaves just as quickly.

    I personally find the idea of angels being mysterious creatures with alien goals to be quite appealing. Mainly because it still lets you have your standard “smite evil” angels but you can introduce different angels for different parts of the plot without players finding it weird. If you establish that each angel has its own goal, which they achieve by doing seemingly bizarre/incomprehensible things, you can enrich the world by incorporating different NPCs and events (without being bound to the same kind of angel over and over).

    Even under this, you can have chastity act as a “cultural trait” of angels. Maybe they bind themselves in chastity equipment because succumbing to lust erodes their will to pursue their mysterious goals. Corrupting them makes them abandon whatever they were trying to do and follow you instead (though that also gives you the leeway to implement, later on, “bonus missions” for recruited angels, as you fulfill their personal goals (which can be as bizarre or arbitrary as you want) for a hefty bonus to the angel’s production/defensive capability/free transformation/etc.

    As for the chastity mechanics, you can use it as a way to show off the player’s transformations. Instead of the player touching the angel in any way, the player can select different ways of showing off their bodies and talents, such as groping themselves, masturbation, pole-dancing, auto-fellatio, using toys on themselves and so on. That keeps the combat mechanics intact (substitute “Suck Nipple” for “Grope Own Chest”, “Deepthroat” for “Auto-Fellatio” and so on) and lets the players feel like their transformations are more than just bonuses to this or that, they open up new options for seducing angels.

    I’d personally make it so that angels don’t have a horror bar, but their lust bar is very large (the larger it is, the harder the difficulty) and the objective is to fill it up just once. When that happens, the angel takes one step of corruption (just like mortals move one step in trust when they’re seduced) and leaves. To make it interesting, the idea would be to do so within a number of rounds (perhaps the angel begins casting a banishing spell that forces the incubus out of the monk/nun’s house for the rest of the night), and they would need to find out which attacks inflict more lust. And, of course, this could be randomised. Maybe this angel takes twice the lust hit from displays of self-groping and masturbation, and x1.5 lust from watching the usage of toys, but only half lust from watching the usage/display of tentacles or “unusual” transformations.

    Just some ideas on how to make this sort of thing fun.

    • Anon says:

      Rather than lock out all interaction, maybe offer some others (grope chest, caress thigh, etc) that give considerably less Lust gain, and cannot cause orgasms.
      Also, how viable would threesomes be? Angel drops in and doubles all Horror gains, unless kept distracted by being at max Lust.

      • jackoekaki says:

        Yeah, that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing.

        Threesomes should be viable, it’s just that it’ll take a few weeks work to generalise the code and UI to handle teams instead of individuals in an encounter. Because of that I won’t be doing it until after I’ve met all my crowdfunding requirements and I’m sure there’s enough left over.

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