Hobby Project #2

Body mod RPG (2006, Incomplete, unreleased)

The next prototype I twiddled with was a half-formed thought about an RPG where the player fights their way through a dungeon filled with horny tentacle monsters, finding various body transforming magic items and becoming increasingly monstrous themselves. The gimmick was that you could pacify monsters by submitting to their molestation and getting them off, assuming there was enough compatible anatomy.

I started coding without much of a plan, and wound up with some absurd results. The compatible anatomy check sounds feasible on paper, but in practice it demands a lot of oversimplification to make it work. People facetiously about talk about penetration being ‘Tab A into Slot B’, but in this game it was very much along those lines. The main character was little more than a list of orifices. It wasn’t sexy.

Also, the continual switching between violence and sex didn’t make any sense. If your character got bludgeoned to within an inch of their life by a large monster, you could retreat back to an earlier room and consort with a smaller monster for sexual healing. As a matter of fact, that was the winning strategy.

You can’t take a game based around combat, swap in sex and expect it to be coherent. Back to the drawing board.

2 thoughts on “Hobby Project #2

  1. art926 says:

    Is there any working version of this concept? May I try it?

    • jackoekaki says:

      I still have it in version control somewhere, but it’s not worth playing. It wasn’t fun and I didn’t get to the point of adding *any* erotic writing to it, so it’s entirely non-erotic too.

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