Release v0.14

This is a boring one. I’ve spent nearly a month working on a user account system. It has all the usual bits you’d expect, except that you can also play for a limited time without signing up for a full account. I want to let people get a taste of the game before I hit them with a form to fill out.

Next release is going to be a big internal change to make sure I can add features to the game without wiping peoples’ characters. During prototyping I was saving the game using Python’s Pickling system. It allowed me to experiment with different game ideas without rewriting a whole heap of save code, but it’s utterly under-equipped to handle loading a save from an older version of the code. I’ll be surveying some alternatives and trying out a half-wit idea I have to extend Pickle*.

After that, some actual game features, finally: Random equipment drops when you visit new locations outside the underworld.

* Keep a version number in the pickle for every object. Write a table of conversion functions from each version to the next. Hopefully most of these will boil down to running the new constructor to make sure there’s a complete set of attributes, then deserialising over the top of the result. There’s gotta be a reason why everyone regards object databases as sketchy bleeding edge technology, and I have a feeling I’m about to discover why. But who knows? Maybe it really will be as easy as it looks.

One thought on “Release v0.14

  1. gary smit says:

    hello sir,

    great idea great layout great game, however sir i can not get to first base with a female or male as a female or male and i have tried all selections that were highlighted meaning i could click on to select and in every case i can not get anyone to go with me sir.

    am i using the wrong selections in the wrong order or the wrong sex, i just do not know sir.

    thanks for your time,


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