It’s on!

I’m really excited to announce that the Fleshcult crowdfunding campaign is open. This is the moment of truth: it’s where I find out how many of you folks want to play the game and how badly. I could elaborate on the prototype a lot, but it all hinges on how long I can afford to work on it full time, so the outcome of this drive determines not just whether it’ll be completed, but also how rich, varied and polished I can make it.

I’m running the campaign on It’s like KickStarter, but porn focused. Every OffBeatr project has to accrue a certain number of votes before it can collect pledged donations (the clock doesn’t start ticking until voting ends). So, if you’d like to help, go vote!

17 thoughts on “It’s on!

  1. crims114 says:

    hi, big fan of TF games. i have tried several times now to creat an account on your site and have had this message pop up when clicking the activation link, “activation code is invalid,” or atleast something along the same lines. i have also tried on two different accounts. this however will not stop me from playing your game, keep up the good work.

    • crims114 says:

      nevermind about the account problem thing. just reread the donation thing.

    • jackoekaki says:

      That shouldn’t happen.

      I had some trouble earlier in the day with outgoing e-mails, but I guess you’re receiving them so that can’t be it. Check you’re following the link from the most recently sent e-mail and if it’s still not working, e-mail me the activation link at jack@(the game name).com

  2. Curiousity says:

    Just curious, if you don’t reach the 6k mark but get close to it would you still work on this game? With maybe another way to donate after offbeatr crowdfunding ends? Would be a shame for production to cease.

    • jackoekaki says:

      I work on games for a living, so I’m really looking for a project that can support me full-time. If Fleshcult comes in below $6K, then it doesn’t look sustainable as a full-time project.

      I still might work on it a bit in my spare time, but I’d move my focus back to G-rated games.

      • Curiousity says:

        Well then, here’s to hoping the crowdfunding works out! Will be pledging once the votes reach the 250 goal.

  3. Canadian_Bacon says:

    This game has a solid base, I really enjoyed playing it. You got my vote, sir. I want to donate, and support this project.

  4. Gundarc says:

    Congrats on the kickstarter program, I was the first to pledge, and I may do again in a few weeks based on the updates that roll out. This is the game I have been waiting for, I love the premise and can not wait until it starts getting more content. by the way my email is [redacted], looking forward to playing without a time limit.

  5. ArgentRain says:

    That January deadline seems kinda harsh.

    Well, good luck.

    If you do get it off the ground, I hope there’s some way to make the outcomes of base invasions less random and more player-influenced.

  6. DivinoCeleste says:

    You’re on CoC’s front page! C:

  7. MalachiSidhe says:

    Just our of curiosity, once you pledge, how do you confirm yourself for the increased access to the game?

    • jackoekaki says:

      I’m working my way through all the pledges upgrading people’s accounts, but I’m quite a bit behind. You’ll get sent a notification e-mail when you’re upgraded.

  8. topherjm8 says:

    Hey, looking at it now, I am unable to create an account. I never get the confirmation e-mail even though it said it was sent. And yes, I have done everything to unblock/turn off filters/etc. in my email.

  9. EvanEB says:

    wow just last night when i linked here from CoC saw you werent even half way but now :O its freaking awesome how your getting the cash so fast

  10. Argentrain says:

    …hahaha, Oh wow. “THE TIME LIMIT SEEMS KINDA HARSH”, I said.

    You knocked it out of the park, man.

    Serious congratulations.

  11. eviljanitor says:

    is there some other way to donate. Keep getting unknown error when trying to donate 20$ on

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