Many-Eyed Hydra’s fiction

One of the donation rewards in the Fleshcult crowdfunding drive is a selection of eBooks by Many-Eyed Hydra. Applying new twists to the succubus myth is his speciality, so I figure that guys who enjoy Fleshcult are likely to enjoy these too.

The bundle includes:
– The full-length novel: Succubus Summoning 101.
– The short story collection: A Succubus for Halloween.
– And another short story collection: A Succubus for Valentine’s Day.

If you’d like a taste, he’s written lots of freely available short stories here.

12 thoughts on “Many-Eyed Hydra’s fiction

  1. somerandomguy says:

    Found a small glitch. Using Ovipositer and tease together basically kills the function of tease, since the lust gain from ovipositer causes them to orgasm anyway if you fill the bar. Possibly change it so that this doesn’t happen?

  2. Nighshade586 says:

    Donated for the unlimited timer. How do I get the change to my account?

    • jackoekaki says:

      Offbeatr doesn’t provide an automated way for me to process orders so I’m doing it all manually. There’s a bit of a backlog, so it might be a day or two.

      • bahamad says:

        So if we registered for offbeatr with the same account as is used for the game, we should be seeing the updates to our account from trial to whatever in a day or two? Or do we need to do anything to tie the two together?

  3. mrtt says:

    How do I survive in this game? After a few raids that decimated me I restarted the game, this time prioritizing beast acquisition (and ones with a bonus at that)…

    Near perfect game, even managed the quite difficult task of getting a +100% beast in a single night.

    Then on day 7…
    Day 7: The Baron’s demons invade!
    A raiding party of 2 arrives at the lair. “Go back to the Baron with his book and all will be forgiven.” the emissary offers. “Not going to happen.” Ty shouts back from inside the sanctum. The raiders descend into the lair.
    Alejandra A, Evelyn M and Mary P rush to defend the lair.
    Noradust overpowers Alejandra leaving her wounded.
    Your minion, Evelyn, is slain by Soracho.
    Mary defeats Noradust, finishing them off.
    Your minion, Mary, is slain by Soracho.
    Having beaten the beasts, the raiders approach the lair’s sanctum. “Maybe it’ll turn up if you get hungry?” Soracho shouts through the barred door, and they begin to tie up concubines.
    Soracho drags Janelle away, kicking and screaming.

    Total decimation of my forces. urgh!

    • mrtt says:

      ok, that was just bad luck… or perhaps combined with having not leveled my beasts any yet (something apprentices are good for)…

      I continued that game, rebuilt, focused on getting beasts (and only upgrading beasts; got ~7 level 4 beasts I think) and have managed to win 2 battles afterwards (significantly fewer battles then my first time around, quiet a bit of randomness).

      Would be nice if apprentices could queue up multiple transformations, I have way more then needed to get even the max level (level 4) upgrade in a single turn.

      Also, ended up with thousands of energy an nothing to spend it on.

      • Argentrain says:

        Yeah, the ability to use ALL the upgrade-speed you have, if you have more than enough to do things in a single turn, would be pretty phenomenal.

      • mrtt says:

        @Argentrain: Yea, I thought about it a bit more and I can see some solutions.

        Option A:
        Its a bit gamy, but perhaps have a change of lore such that the upgrade and the transformation happen separately. That is, you imbue a beast/concubine with magic until they level up, then when you go look at those who leveled up you can pick a transformation. That way you just set up apprentices to do a task like “level up concubines” or “level up beasts” with a modifier of selecting priorities (highest left first, lowest level first, highest inherit bonus to job first)

        Option B:
        Multiple queues, one for each type of research (eg, “level concubine queue, level beasts queue, research tomes queue, etc). You manually populate each queue and then distribute RP between the queues based on % of acquired RP to each queue (if a queue is empty, its RP is used elsewhere).

        Option C:
        Just a big combined research queue that lets you queue all upgrades for your existing beasts, concubines, and whatever future research options get opened up. Simplest to implement, doesn’t change lore for a gameist reason, and least likely to have bugs (I can foresee quite a few bugs for the other two options).

        Regardless of which option is used, I have also been considering what research can be used for, its called research yet is only used to transform your minions.
        Some ideas in addition to the transforming of concubines and Beasts:
        1. Research tomes: rather then have a tome fully accessible as soon as it is stolen, require it be researched…
        2. Special plot related projects (eg, “research the amulet of Igg which is needed to defeat the lord of Izlabull”)
        3. Upgrades to self (unlocks new things to spend energy on for upgrading your cubi)
        4. Upgrades to lair structures (gives bonuses to various actions)

      • Enur says:

        I had a think about that. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have the apprentices manufacture ‘transformation juice’ – find a better name please! – which can then be used to upgrade minions (which takes a fixed time but you can upgrade several at once).

        That way the interface looks more like that for upgrading our succubus friend, doesn’t loose overflow.. win-win. Possibly, assuming the energy is used for an ingredient in the potions, it costs a certain amount to manufacture.

        Either way, it’s a little odd that both male and female concubines and beasts has the same upgrades. Okay, they’re malleable, but… perhaps there’s story reasons for it but that doesn’t seem clear.

        Also, sad lack of use of vaginal tentacles and such.

  4. acac says:

    I tried to pledge 15 bucks, but my credit card rejected I talked to my credit card company to let it through, and they said they removed the lock, but now offbeatr gives me an “There’s a 1277 error with your purchase.”

    Sorry, I can’t support you, but if you open up a PayPal account, I can. 🙂

  5. Silv says:

    is there anything for the tome of infestation?

    • jackoekaki says:

      There are no transformations in it right now, but there will be in future. At the moment it just unlocks some extra gross beast mutations.

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