June project account balance

May’s over already and I have to admit, I haven’t been able to show much visible progress. A lot of the stuff surrounding angels turned out to be a bit of a dead end, but minion merging is looking like a good addition, so hopefully I’ll do better in June.

The big traffic surge from Offbeatr due to TiTS is over, and yet contributions are continuing to roll in steadily. The total funds remaining are a smidge lower than last month ($7k -> $6.2k), but it’s doing a lot better than I’d anticipated. Once again I just really want to thank everybody for their generosity.

Details below:

Total pledged $12,062.00
Total collected (Less failed transactions) $11,457.00
Offbeatr Fee (20%) $2,291.40
Net Offbeatr Revenue $9,165.60
Gumroad gross (February) $1,640.00
Gumroad net (February) $1,514.75
Gumroad gross (March) $2,460.00
Gumroad net (March) $2,271.50
Gumroad gross (April) $1,785.00
Gumroad net (April) $1,648.25
Gumroad gross (May) $1,605.00
Gumroad net (May) $1,481.50
Gumroad net (To date) $6,916.00
Paypal revenue $141.23
Total revenue $16,222.83
Income tax owed $2,346.68
Total revenue after tax $13,876.15
Cost of goods (eBooks) $288.00
Paypal fee $14.41
Total COGS $302.41
Salary (Weekly, backdated from crowdfunding end date)
First payment 01/02/13
Paid up till 31/05/13
Num weeks 18
Weekly salary $330.00
Total salary $5,940.00
Hosting expenses
For Feb 2013 $111.35
For Mar 2013 $72.15
For April 2013 $80.73
For May 2013 $106.06
Total hosting expenses $370.29
Contractor expenses (to date)
Writing $801.11
Art $202.00
Total contractor expenses $1,003.11
Total expenses $7,615.81
Project balance remaining $6,260.34

2 thoughts on “June project account balance

  1. Ray says:

    the merging sounds like a good plan. i hope you dont mind if i make a suggestion that when you merge minions they will count as one minion not two but either way it sounds cool

    • Ray says:

      and one more thing if you dont mind, i think that when you merge minions they should keep some of the traits of both

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