Release v0.70

It’s been a long time coming but I’ve finally brought the baron arc to a conclusion!

New stuff:

  • Minion merging is now in the game. It appears after several lair expansions. (The plot event should still happen even if you already have all the lair expansions. You’ll need 15 minions)
  • The baron can now be defeated via the new merging abilities.
  • Tribbing added.
  • Reduced prices of traps and lair extensions.
  • Fixed a bug where a purchased unlock wouldn’t go through if you didn’t have a game in progress.
  • Fixed some typos.

Edit: There have been some Internal Server Error bugs in the new release that I’ve hurriedly patched. These should now work:

  • Clicking Ride after loading an old saved game.
  • Loading a game where a minion was being transformed with spider legs or an amorphous body.
  • Visiting the lab for the first time after getting the tome of merging. (Doh!)

7 thoughts on “Release v0.70

  1. Nephilim_Anunnaki says:

    It’s any plan of have more lair expansions?

    • jackoekaki says:

      I don’t have any plans for more housing extensions (though I have some ideas for other buildings). The problem is that minions don’t have enough individuality to be memorable when you have 16 of them.

  2. joe says:

    suggestion have the claws you get form the thorn book do something or raise its current effect up higher or there will be no reason to get them

  3. HohesHaus says:

    What does the merging exactly do?

    • jackoekaki says:

      Merging combines two minions into one, body and mind. The result is always a beast. Merged beasts can be merged again, resulting in larger and larger monsters.

      • Lurk4eva says:

        I’m sure that you’re going to flesh out the descriptions more fully in later updates, but I’m a little confused on a couple of the merged monster types. Mose of them are self-explanatory, naga, centaur; but what do you mean with caduceus and flesh ent? Siamese naga is two snake tails, does that mean caduceus is four? Or, does it mean something more complex, like the two snake tails from the previous tier entwined like the caduceus’s namesake while some still allowing for mobility?

        Flesh ent implies a living, but still fleshy, tree-person-type-thing, but ‘ents’ from LotR were ugly asymmetrical creatures, and mostly everything that the incubus/succubus handles has a carnal appeal, twisted though it may be.

        These are all theories, however. Care to share your thoughts on the matter?

    • jackoekaki says:

      It shouldn’t be long before I have final descriptions in the game, but for a Flesh Ent, I’m imagining a large humanoid with limbs that degenerate into long tentacles that fork repeatedly down to twig-sized cillia. For a Siamese Naga I imagine them twinned above the hips, but for a Caduceus the twinning is complete.

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