Release Date Announced

Fleshcult will be available on Steam and Itch on:

22nd October 2020


Keys for Backers

If you’ve been with me from the beginning and backed the project on OffBeatr or PayPal, feel free to forward your proof of purchase to and I’ll flick you a Steam key.

On the other hand if you’re inclined to buy it again, I would appreciate the extra $2. It all gets me closer to being able to commit to implementing mod support, which would be pretty cool.

6 thoughts on “Release Date Announced

  1. art says:


  2. art says:

    Funny.. it’s Oct 20, but it already works through app. Like, if you don’t try to download it, but install through the app. Going to play it now! Thanks!

    • jackoekaki says:

      Oh dang, I guess the Itch app doesn’t respect release dates like the web based store does. I’ve set the store listing back to restricted which hopefully should stop it? Anyway, your install will keep working regardless. Let me know at if you see any bugs. Enjoy!

      • art says:

        Ok, I see it disappeared now. Btw, tried this new tome. Didn’t find it useful at all, to be honest. Was playing an incubus with a horse dick and biggest balls. Added the creatures to the balls and lost Fuck ability for some reason + the huge balls. Infesting the victims doesn’t do any better effect than having the horse dick and balls, though it costs even more than that. When I revisit the victim, the infestation status disappears. If I invest them and keep their horror meter at minimum for many following turns, nothing special happens (like, they don’t turn them into a Mind Flayer, lol). So, I found it useless…

      • art says:

        What would be cooler, is to have some sort of transformative magic that we could use in the fights. Maybe a tricky way to use it – like, you’d need to cum into the victim, and then they get some special effect, like, growing horns, tales, etc. Leaving them on the surface after that could lead to even more effects – like, they seduce other humans, or opposite – get killed by them, because they look too different now.

    • PL says:

      Love your ideas, I hope they’ll go through. On another note, I hope for a mobile release or at least tablet/iPad

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