Release v0.46

Just miscellaneous fixes this time:

  • The Sanctum page will now tell you if replacing a body part will also replace connected body parts. e.g. The option to grow a pair of balls will now mention that it replaces a pussy and lists anything you’ve attached to the pussy. (tentacles, piercings, etc.)
  • On the visit surface page, the difficulty of each NPC is listed instead of just appearing without any explanation.
  • Fixed second difficulty level of NPCs so that it no longer produces apprentices with a zero bonus to research.
  • Fixed formatting of word-wrapped headings.
  • Hopefully Googling for ‘Fleshcult’ should allow you to find the game now. Previously googlebot couldn’t make it past the age warning page, which wouldn’t have helped.

3 thoughts on “Release v0.46

  1. Kazard says:

    Hey you better go tell Fen you’re ready to be featured again, it’d be awesome to get a surge of people to fund those stretch goals XD

    • jackoekaki says:

      I already owe Fen big-time for the first bump. I’ve been shooting for press coverage instead so that I can try and bring in players who are new to the whole scene.

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