Release v0.53

New stuff:

  • Character names contributed as OffBeatr rewards are now in the game. They’re shuffled in amongst the random names.
  • 30 more body part descriptions from Porpentine.
  • Random events can now ask the player to make a choice.
  • 1 new random event for testing choices: whether or not to send an apprentice into the flesh loom for research purposes.
  • Changed barbed strap-on to gnarled. Barbed was just too nasty.
  • Fixed a weird bug where menus related to the end of a turn would sometimes pop up while you were switching between lair tabs.

Sorry about the long delay between releases. Putting in the plumbing for random events with choices turned out to be a bit trickier than I’d planned. Next up I’ll be adding several more random events to really take advantage of the new system.

4 thoughts on “Release v0.53

  1. ArgentRain says:

    Yeah that strapon used to sound SEVERELY painful

    • Maldrasen says:

      Nothing is too nasty for demon sex!

      • ArgentRain says:

        In principle I want to agree with you, but BARBS?


        I just cannot hit you up with dat agreement/affirmation in this case.

  2. Your own mother says:

    In update 51 I seemed to be able to avoid the pixies munching on mana by spending enough of it to be under a certain amount. In update 53 it seems to be completely random now, and the pixies will take any remaining mana. I dislike the change.

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