Release v0.55

RJ has finalised a couple of paintings for the lair and encounter screens. They’re looking daaaamn nice. Check it out.

Other stuff:

  • 3 new kinds of random event.
  • Internal tweaks to hopefully use fewer database connections.
  • Fixed message that wasn’t using appropriate gender.

6 thoughts on “Release v0.55

  1. Your own mother says:

    After successfully recruiting a beast, I got a message showing something about the witchfinder general’s propaganda, and the beast is now both in my employ, and exhausted on the surface as though the horror meter had overflowed.

    • jackoekaki says:

      Ah, thanks for letting me know. I’ve patched this and a nasty infinite loop that was causing server instability overnight.

  2. jackoekaki says:

    Ah crap. Looks like if you’ve suffered from the bug above (recruit on the same turn as propaganda), and then recruit the clone on the surface of the person you just recruited, you wind up with a corrupted save game because you’ve got the same person listed twice in the minion list.

    I’ll think about whether there’s a way to recover from this, but for now there’s no way around it other than to go to the front page and restart your game.

  3. mrtt says:

    Is there a wiki for this game yet?

  4. tontje says:

    Vaginal tongue still becomes a tentacle.

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