Release v0.64

This release I’ve introduced the ability for some mortals to arouse the succubus/incubus beyond normal and bring them to orgasm. When this is starting to happen, a new lust meter is shown for the succubus/incubus. Orgasm drains your mana, but the effects of mingling mana during a simultaneous orgasm can help win a mortal’s trust. Quite of the bit of the text associated with this is a first draft. I’ll be improving it and adding more variations down the line.

  • I’ve added a new mortal character: porn star. They have the above ability, and all the other high level mortals with beast bonuses do too. They appear at cynical difficulty.
  • Fixed a bug where piercings weren’t showing up in character descriptions.

12 thoughts on “Release v0.64

  1. Shadow Knight says:

    Wow, I’ve tried it out and it’s definitely a great improvement! It adds a lot of gameplay variety and replayability, and I am quite thrilled by the ability to gain mortal trust by synchronising orgasms. It was genius.

    I will be testing it further, but I just wanted to congratulate you on a job well done.

  2. Pepperjack says:

    I admit the player lust meter works better than I expected. It definitely helps that it’s only a factor in some encounters, and I think I overestimated the negative impact of the mana loss. A point or two of mana loss (up to about four?) two or three times during an encounter is mild enough to avoid overshadowing the other tactical factors, but crippling enough when badly timed to warrant attention. I also enjoy the addition of an alternative to the Seduce action, however infrequently it arises.

    I assume next up on this front is diversifying the text? Making the player-lust-overflow messages sensitive to the encounter’s context (e.g., the player’s latest action) would go a long way toward maintaining immersion. (Or maybe foocubi just really like facials? Like really really.)

    • jackoekaki says:

      Yeah, the release after the next I intend to make both dom and sub orgasm messages appropriate for the situation.

      Even before now it’s been bugging me whenever I see the ‘jizzes across the room’ message and yet the incubus is balls-deep in someone!

  3. ArgentRain says:

    I like the text for the PC cumming, and I’m also glad that later on the text will be modified to be more context/action sensitive.

    Happy fun-time thumbs-up mode over, down to brass tacks.

    So I had 2 issues with the idea.

    I’ll deal with issue 2 first.

    “2) As the ‘as it’s needed’ thing hints at, the PC’s orgasm actually being a thing that the player would strive to avoid.

    Trying to postpone an orgasm might be fun from time to time, but as SOON as your succubus/incubus/any kind of sex-demon gets into a sexual encounter with the intention of NOT having orgasms, I have a disagreement with yer game, sir.”

    Extending the horror meter partially deals with this, but that wasn’t quite enough, in my book.

    The benefit from synchronised orgasms however, added to the horror-meter extension from orgasms whether synchronised or not, addresses it pretty well, and works pretty well with the postponement concept I’d had in mind too.

    I consider this issue pretty much dealt with, myself, and see no reason to dwell further upon it. Gratz.

    Issue one is still about, though.

    “guess it raises questions about what the player character’s arousal was all the time when it wasn’t shown”

    “1) As you’d hinted at, the PC only being able to cum in CERTAIN encounters”

    I still don’t particularly like that the (In/Suc/herm)Cubus can only cum in certain encounters, personally.

    Firstly there’s the gameplay impact that you don’t actually get to practice/find out what the action DOES until the pornstars spring it on you, and then there’s the lore aspect of which you yourself were already perfectly aware (to your credit, of course, since it would take a rather more massive dunderhead than the garden variety to be UNaware of the problems of sex without orgasmic possibility).

    How about having it so that the character retains sufficient control of themselves with less skilled mortals to be able to choose when they cum after the meter is full (As in, it fills but does not overflow until the PC chooses) but with pornstar-types and whatever other superior-skilled mortals you have in mind, the meter not only fills, but can overflow on its own as it currently does?

    • Shadow Knight says:

      I like the suggestion to make it a part of all encounters, but only giving porn-star types the ability to orgasm the player unwillingly. Porn-star types could also have a much stronger effect on the lust metre than regular mortals, or special action combos that crank up the player lust bar a great deal (like oral+fingering, deepthroating, momentarily “taking charge” when the player fucks them, or other techniques).

      That way, you incorporate the ability for the player to cum to all encounters, while ostensibly keeping control of that in the player’s hands, and you also have the porn-star mortals presenting a legitimate challenge.

      • Pepperjack says:

        I dunno. I kinda like it being sprung on the player. There’s a certain “-oh shit!” factor to the sudden appearance of a new meter; it mixes things up and engages a player who might by that time have begun to settle into a routine.

        It’s also hardly the first time in Fleshcult the player is introduced to a new mechanic that could easily have been present earlier. You save the meter for the point in the game where it enhances the experience, just like how Reveal Nature and Loosen aren’t options in the beginning because you don’t really need them yet.

        I realize that I’m now arguing against an idea very similar to a suggestion I made myself on the last blog post. In my defense, the meter didn’t turn out how I’d expected.

        Maybe there could be a spell that would protect the player from lust overflow?

      • Shadow Knight says:


        Yeah, I see your point about it being introduced later, but IMO right now it’s a bit *too* late. A couple of difficulty levels below its current incarnation could work (sometime after Antique Dealers show up).

        A spell that protects against lust overflow would render the porn-star types toothless as a challenge. Perhaps a good compromise would be to give the ability to raise the player’s lust metre to all mortals after a certain difficulty, and giving porn stars a bonus to the lust they inflict on the player and the ability to push the player over the edge to an unforeseen orgasm.

        That would preserve the “oh shit” factor of the metre showing up later in the game and would also give it nuance. Also, IMO, porn-star types should show up in the regular concubine types too, not just the beasts. Or perhaps the beasts could be “pro porn stars” and the concubine types could be “amateur porn stars” (same deal as the pro porn stars, only slightly less challenging) to keep up with the difficulty escalation.

      • Pepperjack says:


        A protection spell would only render those mortals toothless if implemented poorly. Bear in mind that, at minimum, it would take an action and mana to use, and it could require a mana drop investment from the Sanctum screen (possibly occupying a slot that could have been used for something else). And if it protected from overflow without reducing player lust, it would only be forestalling the inevitable. So, now you have the player spending mana to delay his loss of mana. Much like paying your mortgage with a credit card, this would be a tactic to be use sparingly and strategically.

        I’m having fun disagreeing with everything, so allow me to indulge myself further and disagree on extending the player arousal ability to concubines and researchers. In addition to preserving variety among encounters, it makes flavor sense. Of course the mortals that are better at enhancing the, erm, output of your cultist are also better at eliciting a reaction from you-the-‘cubus; why extend that same power to those of lesser talents?

        And while I see the validity of the greater/lesser porn star distinction, I think giving the non-beast-aptitude mortals a nerfed version of the ability would actually make them easier, when you consider that the overflow side-effects make the whole thing something of a double-edged sword for the mortal.

  4. Phantom Renegade says:

    Hi. I’ve been a fan of the game since day one, and I think it’s a great job you’re doing here (really looking forward the Fleshcult App)

    Sorry for not donating during the Offbeat donation. Do you accept PayPal now? I have to donate in order to have an account that doesn’t reset once 30 game-days pass, right?

    • jackoekaki says:

      Cheers! If you don’t want to pay via CC, I accept paypal payments at Put your account e-mail address in along with it so that I know which account to unlock.

      And just to be clear, Fleshcult will have a mobile-friendly UI, but it won’t be a fully-fledged app. (Apple would never let me put it on iTunes, for one thing)

      • Phantom Renegade says:

        The minimum amount for the Unlimited Days account is still 10 USD, right?

        Oh, I thought it was going to be an app. An interface is fine too.

    • jackoekaki says:

      That’s right.

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